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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Saturday, 30 June 2007

This one was a surprise ~ the box was available so I grabbed it and quickly filled it with a variety of tie dye items.
So many cool things done either with tie dye or in a tie dye style! Very inspiring!
Friday, 29 June 2007
Yay! One month at Etsy for BTRT.
27 sales.
100 hearts.
Hard work but well worth it!
A few buy and replaces; a showcase (earned hearts, and one sale); a number of sales through my other online communities which I directed to Etsy; one trade; and, not accounted for in these numbers, about 10 real life sales, too.
I am more than satisfied with this, since I just tie dyed a few things for my daughter and it went from there!

Goals for next month (July ~ BTRT):
10 online sales
30 hearts
Complete waiting orders
Find suitable freebies for mailings
Stock fall items
Start Christmas items
2-3 Saturdays at the Farmer's Market
Find out about local Christmas bazaars and sales

I am awaiting a shipment of blanks and chemicals and I am excited to be adding dog bandanas and children's hats, long sleeve items and girl's dresses to my available items.
I just launched my second Etsy shop. It is exclusively fabric and notions as I have a lot of both to clear out of here! Right now I have bins and boxes of fabric ~ some cut, some prepped for quilting, some brand new. So, in an effort to destash and make some room around here for a new baby (there is a part of me that feels like we won't be matched for our adoption until we make the physical space ~ weird, superstitious, sure.... but there it is!).
So I am trying to list some new stuff daily and move it out of here.
I hated to let it go, but at least this way I know it will go on to a new life and become something wonderful in the hands of an Etsy artist!
I have a cool banner I wanted to post here, but I can't find it (oops!) so the link will have to do:
Thursday, 28 June 2007
Good afternoon!

I wanted to post a little more info about my collars as I have many more designs that I can list!

You can check out: and put in
Username: Muddypawscollars
Password: woof
to see the prints I have.

Now, not all prints are available in all sizes, so please inquire about the size you need and I can send you a list and make you a reserved listing.
Just convo me at Etsy.
Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Putting together treasuries is an interesting challenge, doubly so with the recent treasury bugs.
Previously I did a treasury based on the children's book 'Good Night Moon' with the items as clues to the title of the book, I had fun, not sure if anyone else did LOL.
This treasury is a salute to the self sacrificing silkworm who makes our silk. I was truly amazed at the many, many uses for silk on Etsy. Recycled kimonos as binder covers and bags; silk ties as arm cuffs and dog leashes; scarves, clothing; knit into everything you can imagine; pillows, sheets; jewelery (I found a new favourite: ) and my own playsilks.
It such a lovely material to touch and work with, but also incredibly strong, versatile and durable.
Yay! for the lowly silkworm, worms of the world unite!
Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I just completed a custom (4 pieces) and this piece was my favourite of any I have done so far ~ when my giant order of blanks and dyes arrives, Rowan is definitely getting a cat & mouse dress!
I can just imagine what Rowan will have to say about me when she grows up! And I know for sure my friend Val's kids are going to remember those bright shirts "mom made us wear!".
I just finished a custom order of shirts for Val and her husband and kids. After almost losing her youngest at the zoo one day she decided that they all needed bright shirts so she could find her kids, and if, heaven forbid, one got lost, she could easily describe what they were wearing (as the whole family would be wearing the same thing!). Clever mama!
Even smarter ~ she bought extra shirts in bigger sizes so her kids could grow through them and hand them down for a few years.
As I was making them I could just hear her kids, in the future, teasing her for those silly shirts! But hey, a mama bear has to look after her cubs and if she is going to wear one too (and her husband!) then more power to them!
This link will give you the full effect:
Monday, 25 June 2007
Every time I walk up the walkway to the house I grimace at the weeds along the edge of my fledgling garden ~ I am trying (halfheartedly) to reclaim it from neglect, but the weeds are quicker and more determined than me. I have sworn I would pick a couple every time I walk by, but, well.... you know how it goes.
So I grumble about the weeds and my lack of commitment ~ and enter the house with that attitude (thankfully the cheerful 'hellllooooooo?!' from Rowan usually scatters it!).

But this peony bloom is just one of about a dozen in that garden right now. And dozens of stately purple irises, a few hardy geranium blooms (pink) and a lovely little Jacob's ladder.

Today I am committing myself to enjoying them and accepting that the weeds are just going to be with us. Besides, if they have more get up and go than I do, perhaps I should just accede the victory and leave them to their spoils of light and soil!
I have always been 'crafty' ~ I have wonderful memories of crafting with my grandmother at an early age. Cool yarn octopuses (octopi?) and balloons covered in glued string come to mind!
When my mother gave me her old Singer sewing machine at age 21 I taught myself to sew and that old beater is still my favourite machine. Knitting, painting, cross stitching, quilting have all had their turn and I have turned out many a handmade gift!
For several years Andy and I had a small business doing dog collars, beds and other doggie stuff.
Having a child seriously cut into time and energy for creative output but I am enjoying having a little more time, now (and the enjoying the child even more, anyway!).
I have tie dyed over the years, but I am really getting a kick out of it now! The 'real' dyes make a world of difference and I am working on my technique and developing some distinctive styles of my own. I am also permanently dyed ~ Andy thought I was bleeding tonight ~ just fuschia dye!
The painting the tees is just fun! Picking cute, cool and catchy designs that complement the dye work and watching them take shape and bring joy is a blast and the custom work keeps expanding my abilities and humbling me, too (once you touch that brush to the shirt, you are committed!).

A few months ago I decided to switch to cloth diapers. Well that lead to Diaperswappers which lead to too many pretty poop catchers and then to having to make Rowan some clothes that would actually fit over her diapers and then to a few extra pieces I thought I'd dye and share...
And on May 27th I opened a little shop at Etsy and it is addictive!

First of all~ WAY too many cool things there. Secondly, for the first time in two years I have enough free moments to express my creative side (of course, I ought to use this to finish quilts, sweaters or myriad other craft projects of old~ mind you I have collars and bags left from dog show craft days, so they are up, too!) and I am loving the chance to try out some new techniques and develop new skills. Thirdly, I am finding tie dyeing VERY therapeutic!

There are so many things in life we (or me, at least) want to control... and we try. With tie dyeing, you do you best, you take your idea, choose your colours and then you have to let it go ~ wrap it up, put it away for 24 hours (practice PATIENCE) and see what turns out! The colours the patterns, the beauty (and the beasts!) all offer opportunity for learning and it is FUN to give in to the chaos every once in a while! Kind of like how I gave up my watch this year.

One wild and crazy mama, huh?

Is it wrong that the result of starting to dye (and paint, too) is that I don't have the washing machine free for cloth diapers and Rowan is back in disposables right now?! (oops!)
Not really.
But let's start with my title and my shop name, shall we?
Or how about we start with insomnia~ a new treat for me!
It is 1:16 am.
Shop name.
Rowan is obvious (and her name was chosen for its cool roots in the folklore of the British Isles as well as Scandinavia~ where the rowan is a tree of protection and deep significance ~ it helped that 'Rowan' was also the name of the little girl in 'The Wicker Man' ~original version, for reference, of course~ which convinced Andy. And I like trees! It was just her name, no question.).
But 'Beneath the Rowan Tree' is a line from a (very maudlin/ romantic/ sad) Canadian poem entitled 'The Rowan Tree' by Isabella Crawford Valancy (1850-1887)
O WHEN the bonnie moon is fair,
An' clear the loch like siller spread,
An' heather-sweet the gloamin' air,
An' like a star thy flaxen head,
Why dost thou, Mary, make thy maen,
An' lean thy white brow on thy knee?
Why drop thy tears on heath an' stane,
Beneath the wavin' rowan tree?

There was a time when up the brae
Thy foot, licht as the roebuck's, sprang;
Thy bonnie een ne'er turned away,
Thy voice a gleesome welcome rang.
Thy lily hands why dost thou wring,
Nor turn to smile an' gaze on me,
When straight as lavrock's skyward wing
I seek the wavin' rowan tree?
There you have it. A wee taste, anyway, and that is probably enough to have you wiping a tear or twa from yer bonnie een, no?

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