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Monday, 25 June 2007
Every time I walk up the walkway to the house I grimace at the weeds along the edge of my fledgling garden ~ I am trying (halfheartedly) to reclaim it from neglect, but the weeds are quicker and more determined than me. I have sworn I would pick a couple every time I walk by, but, well.... you know how it goes.
So I grumble about the weeds and my lack of commitment ~ and enter the house with that attitude (thankfully the cheerful 'hellllooooooo?!' from Rowan usually scatters it!).

But this peony bloom is just one of about a dozen in that garden right now. And dozens of stately purple irises, a few hardy geranium blooms (pink) and a lovely little Jacob's ladder.

Today I am committing myself to enjoying them and accepting that the weeds are just going to be with us. Besides, if they have more get up and go than I do, perhaps I should just accede the victory and leave them to their spoils of light and soil!


Jodi @ Happy House Quilts said...

weeds's all green to me!!! I hope you think about joining the blog ring at etsymom!!!

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