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Wednesday, 18 July 2007
Ah, the small town life.
This week our town was graced by the judges from Communities in Bloom, a national beautification program which has had our town in a buzz for the past two summers.
Basically, participating towns get judged on: tidiness, community involvement, environmental awareness, heritage conservation, urban forest management, landscaped areas, floral displays and turf & groundcover.
It all sounds quite genteel.
Well you haven't met our horticultural society!

Now to be fair, they are a lovely group of ladies who create fabulous gardens and take care of our community spaces. And to be fair, one of the women *did* threaten us with a Phone Call that would follow should our grass not get cut! I thought she was joking until she recited the list of other calls she had made or was going to make.

But this whole Communities in Bloom thing had us imagining the screenplay we would write about the tiny town trying to make its mark on the map before it disappears off the highway when the new four lane superhighway goes through (which is *true*) ~ and the wackiness ensues! Now if I had a time machine to go back about 30 years, my movie would be a hit!

Picture it:
Small town, with all the local characters, anxiously gathered at the community park, while the local band plays and a cute kid (mine, of course) dances "like a kitty cat" around the flag pole. Everyone is waiting for THE JUDGES to come across the lake in the super duper cool environmentally hip boat from the girl's camp across the lake.
In our minds the rest goes like this:
Councillors frantically try to keep the drunken mayor afloat.
Old Lady in the Hat, Chair of the Society looks down her nose and prepares to greet the judges.
The girl's camp girls are giggling and get ready for girl's camp hijinks that threaten to foil the whole event.
The two ladies with the town's best gardens are no where to be found, having allowed their rivalry to escalate to such a degree that they are now bedraggled, wet and muddy and the pug of the one is chasing the Persian cat of the other through their flooded gardens.
Naughty boys are setting firecrackers.
Oh! the wackiness! Oh! the hilarity....

In truth, the visit went smoothly, the boat ride was cancelled due to the wind on the lake, the town looks lovely and we will have to wait a while to find out if we have managed to earn ourselves that one last bloom to put us on the top of the heap for towns our size.

And even better, the threat of a Phone Call put the fear of doG into Andy and he took down the Christmas lights, trimmed the edges and mowed the lawn. Yay!


Keely said...

That photo is gorgeous! I bet your town is absolutely beautiful! And youre right...the whole event would make a lovely movie :)

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