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Friday, 6 July 2007
We live in a tourist/ cottage country area. And summer is in full swing. We have only lived here since February 2006 but I am feeling amazingly territorial as the out-of-towners invade!
Our quiet town, with familiar faces and plenty of parking spots is now a thriving little hive of new faces, drivers who don't know where they are going (and go WAY too fast on the highway through town) and drunks on the street carousing all night (the ONE bar is a block away LOL).

It is a mixed blessing (or a mixed curse!) ~ the town needs the business and waits expectantly for it each spring, after a hard winter, especially this last with so little snow = so few snowmobilers. And there are many wonderful long term 'summer people' that you look forward to seeing again.

But just when we want to fling open our windows and look out our bedroom into the night sky and the moon over the lake, we have to pull the shades so that the little cottage resort next door doesn't get a view of OUR moon over the lake, if you know what I mean! And I won't even get into the huge lines at the grocery store or the empty meat case and empty bread aisle.

It is weird being the 'townies' to the tourists.
But soon enough it will be cold again and we will have our little town back and enjoy the long, quiet winter and waking up to the sun rising over the lake and the mist rising at dawn and we'll be so glad that we are townies who get to stay here all year round!


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