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Friday, 13 July 2007

Whatever you call them, Rowan calls it 'unnerwear' and we bought her her first und**pants today!

Another milestone crossed. Who knew this one would feel like such a 'big girl' moment?
She isn't really ready for them ~ she is interested in the p*tty, but mainly I need something to keep her from taking OFF her diaper at inopportune times while wearing sundresses etc.

She was SO excited. All the way to town she kept saying "City. Go city. Buy unnerwear!".
It didn't help that daddy told her to look for the un**rwear trees when we reached the edge of the city.

She chose Curious George (unfortunately we hit the licensed theme underwear before finding the cheap generic ones and there was no way I was gonna pry the MONKEY UNNERWEAR out of her little talons and trade them for stripes and flowers. No WAY!). 3 pairs for the same price as 8 of the generics. Oh well, a girl only gets her first unde**ear once, right?

She proudly handed them to the cashier and carried them from the store. Daddy was appalled. He said they look like 'women's p*nties' (I hate the word p*nties) when he thought they'd be, oh, maybe, boxers? Geez, you'd think I bought her leather thongs!

Rowan proudly wore her underw**r until bedtime, without an accident, so who knows, maybe these will be a motivation for p*tty learning. All I know is I felt a little teary watching my baby run around in her first big girl unde*pants. I'll be a wreck when she needs a bra!


Keely said...

Oh the joys of potty training, as we called it when I was growing up. Those underwear are too cute...Rowan has good taste!

Cara said...

Heh, I saw the picture before I read the whole post and was like, Lori allows CHARACTERS? teehee. Monkey Undies it is- adorable!

Unknown said...

Ya, thank goodness they are just 'monkey' to her LOL That stuff is such a trap! But they are very cute ;)

Unknown said...

I would have bought and given my kids just about anything to get them potty trained at the time.

Curious George is cute.

Unknown said...

that was a great story!!! when I was potty training my youngest it was Toy Story..Woody and Buzz...oh yeah, and lots of skittles lol

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