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Wednesday, 11 July 2007
I have a very independent, busy almost-2 year old. She can make me crazy sometimes. And other times I cry with joy at her very being. Today she made me a very tacky pencil holder (with 'yots and yots of goo!') and put M O M stickers on it. She proudly gave it to me at lunch and the proceeded to point out each letter! She spelled her first word (ok, give me this one, I know, I know it wasn't REAL spelling) and it was MOM!
For her nap, I rocked her down and she began to turn away from me ~ usually this show of independence leads to not napping and a big struggle, but today she simply rolled away and then fell asleep facing out into the room. Her own person, but still leaning on her momma. It felt like those heart surgeries where someone's heart is outside of their living body ~ I know the expression is "to be a mother is to have your heart walking around outside your body" or something like it. Today I felt my own heart lying on my chest softly beating as her little eyes fluttered closed and she sighed into sleep.


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