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Friday, 20 July 2007
Rowan has been playing quite happily for almost an hour~ BY HERSELF (woohoo!). I am afraid to break the spell, even though I have other stuff to do, I have been sitting here browsing through etsy and flickr, instead.
She is so used to our sitter and her daddy playing with her one on one all the time that it is tough for mommy to get anything done when we are alone.
We spent all morning outside, running errands around town with our wagon and stopping twice to play at the park. And after nap we did our toe nails for a wedding tomorrow, so I am not a neglectful mom, right? right? LOL
She is finally reaching the age where she can keep herself happy and just chatters and plays (which is music to my ears!).
We have to go away for a family wedding tomorrow, so I should be packing but this downtime is a gift I am not going to turn down!
AND here she is ~ passing me a blowfish and a cutting board. Fugu anyone?
Gotta run.


Janice said...

Don't ya just love it when the kids play quietly...even if it's only for a second? Hope you had a great trip. :o)

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