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Wednesday, 11 July 2007
Shipping Bag ~ when I need to ship items from my shop I need so many things! So I am using a reusable green grocery bag (handles, two inner pockets) to haul all my packaging and shipping needs.
My routine is to take pictures of new items on my way to work, upload them there, package items and go to the P.O. at lunch. So I put it all in one bag.
  • scissors
  • envelopes
  • customs forms
  • ribbon
  • packing bags
  • thank you cards
  • freebies
  • camera
  • usb cable
  • tape
  • business cards
  • return address labels
And it works so well ~ prepping, packing and shipping and all in one portable station for the Etsian on the go ~ I love feeling organized in this one teeny part of my life! LOL


Unknown said...

yay for being organized!! if only us moms could put other parts of our busy lives into bags with pockets :-)

Unknown said...

Now that would be an invention worth having ~ but I guess putting kids in bags is a no-no...

Jodi @ Happy House Quilts said...

I love WFMW posts! Yae! Thanks for the tips!

Keely said...

Yet another wonderful idea from you!!! Im just sitting here in amazement wondering how you do it all...obviously orginization is one key, but still, WOW!

Cara said...

Organization is a good thing! :) I need to work on that. I have consolidated my Etsy packing stuff to a large container, and that's as organized as it's going to get for now! LOL! :o) Great idea if you had to cart it to work and whatnot.

vmdesigns said...'re very organized! I'm so jealous! lol! Love your blog!

: )

Unknown said...

Oh my ~ no! I *like* to be organized so this little shipping bag is a total control freak attempt at one piece of organization in a chaotic life! LOL

Unknown said...

I've never heard of WFMW posts. What's that from?

You do sound really organized- all this and work too!

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