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Thursday, 12 July 2007
I was kind of sad when Andy told me last night about his experience with Rowan yesterday morning.
She killed a fly.
She wanted it to sit on her finger and poked and poked at it as it buzzed against the window.
Andy cautioned her that a fly would not want to stop and sit.
Finally, she nailed it and it dropped to the sill, dead.
"Seeping?" she asked.
"No, not sleeping" not sure of its condition, he told it was hurt.
"Kiss it."
He told her he couldn't fix this (how difficult for a father to tell his child for the first time).
She seemed to catch on a bit.
"Broken. Daddy fix."
She puzzled about this, asked him again and then moved on. Wiser than she had been, though it will be many years before the truth of this moment comes into her consciousness and her heart in a tangible way ~ a dog? a family member? a squirrel in the yard?
But for us as parents it is a bittersweet milestone ~ the awareness, even so minimally, of death has entered our little girl's world. And worse, the seed of the knowledge that we have within us the power to hurt and harm, even when we mean to just catch a fly on our fingertip for a morning chat.


Mundane Jane said...

I don't like to presume the authority to comment on someone else's writing (unless they work for me), but I just want to let you know how profoundly moving and well-written I found this post. I'ts perfectly lovely and yet heartbreaking at the same time.
Mundane Jane

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