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Monday, 9 July 2007
(Please pardon the skewering of some of the text, this post was getting too many hits from people doing google searches about the content, if you know what I mean)
Yesterday afternoon Rowan and I set out through our neighbour's yards to enjoy our town's garden tour (our neighbour's have lovely yards, ours is a disgrace in comparison, but then we are new to the home and they are all 20+ years!) but we were quickly sidetracked by one neighbour's 4 y.o. grandson who wanted Rowan to swim with him.
Rowan LOVES to swim and that was the end of the garden tour.
The neighbours have a lovely beach, so we were happy to go there and the kids really enjoyed each other's company ~ Rowan is still young enough, but understands enough, for a 4 y.o. to boss her around and she is happy to tag along.
Butit was the end of our swim time that still has me giggling and slightly mortified.
When we were done, I stripped Rowan to put on her cover up, figuring she could run home without anything under her little dress. We didn't count on Liam wanting to be 'free and easy', too!
So both 'natural' kids jumped in the lake to wash off their sandy bits. It was at this point that Liam looked puzzled... "Why hasn't Rowan got a p%nis yet?"
It was the *yet* that did me in! LOL
I said that she was a girl and wouldn't have one. Then he asked "well how does she pee?" at which point I looked helplessly at his mother for help!
Rowan then announced 'Nakey Baby Dance' and began to do her signature moves and both nak$d kids tore off up the yard ~ right towards the ladies touring the gardens!
I caught Rowan, but Liam flashed them all.
I don't think they were going to buy the story that the kids were portraying n@ked imps frolicking in the garden. Not when the bigger imp plowed through the flower bed, bent over, little b^m wagging above the blooms, and then jumped up triumphantly holding his soccer ball!


Sandra Eileen said...

What a cute little girl and a lovely name.

Unknown said...

Woohooo! Nakey baby dance! Adorable

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