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Thursday, 30 August 2007
I made my first attempt at Low Water Immersion (the aqua/purple pictured).
I have had similar results to LWI in the past using overdyeing (the black/green/yellow pictured) but thought I would try the real thing.
This is a dyeing technique where the dye is applied right to the garments with as little water as possible, and allowed to spread and color the item before the chemicals are added to create the reaction and bind the dye to the fabric. It is quite different than the traditional soda soak method I generally use.
I am not sure how I feel about it~ on one hand the results can be fantastic... or really blah. It really is a matter of trial and error and luck. How long to leave things, how tight your scrunch them, how various colors interact. I like the ease of not having to mix all the chemicals, but it uses much more dye per item (and dye costs me dearly since I have to import it!).
I tried 4 items. Two I was pleased with, one was ok and the fourth was a failure.
The failure was orange and black and I have a slightly mottled, poorly dyed black tee now (not pictured!)! LOL
The ok one was the turkey ~ I would have liked more definition in the red and brown, but the tee was very small and I needed to use a smaller, tighter vessel for dyeing.
The other two were the 'Chocolate Hearts' and the 'High Five' mini monster ~ both of which turned out well and true to the style/method.
I had one mishap~ the brown/pink shirt was in a bowl on my chest freezer and the bottle holding the shirt in the bowl fell over (?!?!), dumping almost all the dye into my clean laundry. Oh ya. All my work blouses I had washed for fall. It had to happen sometime, I suppose. I am glad it was with LWI, since there was no reactive chemical in the dye bath yet, the items mostly washed clean with mild staining (sweaters and strategically placed brooches, or at least a shrug and 'how did that get there? I have a two year old!' excuse should cover it).
I'll likely try some more LWI later in the fall~ right now I have customs to complete before I can experiment again!
Tuesday, 28 August 2007
OK, I wanted to write something sweet about Rowan's birthday today. Like how touching it was to see her lovingly hug our neighbour's trees ('Big Tree', 'Little Tree' and 'Teeny Tiny Tree') on our evening walk or her reaction to the idea that she cried when she was born and was given her first bath ('probably take shower, not cry', she informed me, referring to 'big girl Rowan').

But I am filled with recollections instead of her yelling 'No mom!' when I tried to sing her Happy Birthday this morning.

Or how enraptured she was with the phrase 'poop flies' on a farm tour with our playgroup.

Or how when she told me I was not her mother but the dog's mother (being silly) I said (a little too loudly) 'Well I guess that makes me a b__ch'~ and of course, what word did she glom onto? She crowed 'Mommy Briar(the dog) B*tch' for about 10 minutes. I am glad my husband wasn't home!

Or how after her shower when I said "Happy Birthday Baby' she heard (or chose to hear) 'A Pee Birthday Baby' which was, admittedly, downright hysterical, especially if you are newly two! And so everyone (mom, dad, dog, puppy lovey etc.) was wished a delighted 'Pee Birthday'.

But then she snuggled into my arms and while I stroked her hair and face, as I have since the night she was born, to help her sleep~ she reached out and did the same to my face. Then she held my chin and said 'look at me' ~ that is the closest she has come to truly saying 'I love you'. How so? I ask her to look at me, and then I say it, for a few months when I have said 'look at me' she has parroted, 'I love you!' but tonight she initiated it.

And I remembered, bodily, completely, the night she was born, how they rushed her over to check her out after some complications and I felt... hungry, a bone deep, ravenous urge to touch, to smell, to see my baby girl and have her in my arms where she belonged. Where she belongs.

A pee birthday baby.
Today is my daughter's second birthday. I hope to get a minute to write more about that later today! For now I just wanted to rave about an Etsy seller who made something very special for me to give to Rowan this year.

Anniepants made this fabulous teeny tiny silver tea cup by hand and added a jump ring so it could be added to my daughter's birthday charm bracelet.

I decided last year that I would get Rowan a charm bracelet (the old fashioned kind, very hard to find these days!) and each year for her birthday would get her a charm that had special meaning in relation to that year of her life.

For her first birthday I found a lovely rowan branch charm in a little shop in Scotland~ the meaning of that being obvious! Her name, her beginning, her growth as well as the charm of protection conferred upon wearers and bearers by the rowan itself.

This year I was torn between a ladybug to represent her discovery of the world around her and her love for catching and releasing the ladybirds OR something to commemorate her passion for tea parties and the delight of a child unraveling her fantastic imagination! When I saw this little teacup and saucer I had my answer!

Happy birthday baby.
Monday, 27 August 2007
September goal time ~ I promised myself I would blog them to keep myself accountable. If you want to read them, go for it! It is just me thinking out loud.

First, checking in on my August goals...
  • 10 online sales~ was at 44 on July 28, at 66 on August28 ~ so 22! woohoo! + 8 through diaperswappers
  • 30 hearts~ was at 173 July 29, at 222 on August 27~ so 49!
  • Stock fall items~ a lot in the works, paritally done, not as far as I'd like to be
  • Start Christmas items and planning~ no items yet, planning in process, though
  • Info about local bazaars and sales for holidays~ still need to make some calls.
  • Sign up to sell at 2 fall fairs in September/ October to move sample stock~ decided against due to time constraints
  • Take 'PIT' shirt orders, order supplies~ done, to be made this week
  • Launch Andy's new line of shirts~ Andy has not done his homework!
  • Get new Hyena Cart Congo ready to stock for September 1st and all that entails (more details later!)~ yep, on schedule! this has been a lot of work, but almost there!
  • I also have begun 3 new products ~ pony holders, skirt/shirt sets and fairy silks~ all to be listed soon.
I feel good about August, I have a stack of orders to fill and Hyena cart ready to roll, as well as a guest spot with another congo this month.

September Goals~ BTRT
  • 25 online sales
  • 30 hearts
  • Hyena Cart stockings ~ 2 at TOYS, 1 at OOTW
  • Launch Hyena cart congo~stocking, grand opening, advertising...
  • Start Christmas items and planning
  • Info about local bazaars and sales for holidays
  • Launch Andy's new line of shirts and possibly his wooden project plan
  • Complete 5 new items in addition to outstanding orders
Sunday, 26 August 2007
'Cause if I get it out of my head and on to paper I feel better!
  • Photo displays for in-laws 50th wedding anniversary
  • pre-wash and sort new blanks order
  • fill custom orders (I am up to my eyeballs ~ which is nice! but yikes~ painting takes a lot of time!)
  • launch new project at yet unrevealed place (mwahhhahahaha) and many many attendant tasks
  • complete some new designs for fall and winter
  • celebrate dd's 2nd birthday (woohhoooO!)
  • prepare projects for the fall fair (myself and Rowan~ ie she has a pasta necklace to make and to glue some rocks to a plate! LOL I have a quilt to prep and some photos to edit)
  • do laundry and clean up from being away past 4 days and prep to go away again this week (to 50th party)
  • pick up sister at airport this weekend
  • read the new Harry Potter while relaxing on the beach while my angelic two year old plays peacefully and safely on the shoreline (SO not gonna happen! especially since the 'angelic' one is refusing to sleep!)
  • plus all the usual stuff
Yep, holidays all right!
Sunday, 19 August 2007
Welcome! Thanks for dropping by ~ I am always so curious about who is lurking about, so leave me a comment and say hello!
And if you are feeling in the mood go HERE and you can rate my Etsy site and vote for me on the Etsykids Top 100~ wouldn't that be super fun?! Click into the site and I am currently #2 on the list but would love some feedback :)
Nice to 'see' you and have a good one!
Saturday, 18 August 2007
Rowan composed her first rhyming couplet today:
Yum! Yum!
Delicious Mom!

I am so proud (and delicious!)
Today we took a spur of the moment trip to a wildlife rehab and rescue center that makes its living as an attraction in the summer, allowing you to see animals native to our region in natural habitats. It is a neat little place and every animal has a (sad) story about how they arrived at the center ~ their arrival generally being the high point of their lives. Whether begun as movie stars or orphans due to accidents or human malice, each animal is no longer able to survive in the wild but is given this opportunity to live as normal a life as possible in a safe and nurturing natural setting.

There was the toothless beaver (trap that killed his mother crushed his face); the movie castoff moose; the descented epileptic skunk and the 4 crippled bald eagles. It sort of felt like a trip to the Island of Misfit Toys! But the animals are obviously loved and respected and their habitats are wonderful. Add in lovely trails for humans and a face to face encounter with our local wildlife and it is a fabulous resource we hope to make more use of for learning about animals.

Rowan really enjoyed seeing the animals and it was so much fun to see her become aware of the SCALE of the creatures we read about in books. She kept commenting on the big ears of the moose but we had a hard time convincing her that the bobcat (actively stalking squirrels from inside his home) was *not* like our neighbour's 'Samkitty'. After a while, she became more intrigued with the large slabs of granite that made up much of the terrain (this kid has a total rock fascination, but that is another tale) than the animals, but overall it was an excellent outing for us all.

A couple highlights included Rowan's very kind questioning of the dozing-in-the-sun-wolverines (yes, those ferocious little critters) if they 'want puppy taggie??'~ to translate, if they would like her loveys to snuggle with for their nap! She then proceeded to pick up leaves to feed to the COUGAR. Calling softly and liltingly 'come over cougar and eat leaves!' while the cougar looked at her (not the leaves) with a glint in his eye. Yikes! And finally was the tumble down the incline on her bottom, landing at the feet of a group of french tourists. She jumped up and started calling 'kiss it! kiss it!' as she held her bottom and ran to me ~ someone translated and the whole group roared and watched to see if I would comply (I settled for a kiss on the head and it sufficed).

<--- 'Lifting' the rocks.

Life is never dull with two year old! God bless her precious little bottom and kind heart!
Friday, 17 August 2007

Here I spoke about the raffle for 'the Firepit' tshirts and just wanted to share some photos of the cutie pies in their tees and one of the girls in The Ugly Fishies Dress, as well!

Ok these are a lot of pictures but the models are stinking adorable and the beach looks wonderfully inviting! The fishie dress was hand dyed and hand painted and the PIT shirts were hand dyed and a heat transfer applied.
Thursday, 16 August 2007
I sure am! And here is the treasury I made when I couldn't sleep last night, full of cute and creepy clowns... sweet dreams :) That guy second down on the right will be watching you. He is saying "laugh!". *shiver*
Bruno has been feeling pretty safe these days~ it looks like time to dress him up again (he has finally come out of hiding from that fairy debacle!
Post your suggestions for outfits or themes for Bruno in the comments for this thread. I will accept submissions until Sunday evening (August 19th at 8 pm) and the winner will receive a coupon for 25% off any items of your choice (good for as many as you buy in one transaction), including customs! The winning design will be the next Bruno item to hit BTRT!
Not sure who Bruno is?
Wednesday, 15 August 2007
And he was becoming a very good friend of Rowan's. This fellow looked like he could handle his wine, too! Caught by Rowan's 10 year old cousin Douglas (and quickly released) ~ he wanted to show his little cousin the great big bullfrogs he could catch. We so rarely get to see family that this was a real treat. I fondly remember long summer days with my cousins and these two got along famously, frogs and all!
Take a good look at the size of this guy!!
Yes, my items are for more than just aging hippies to give to their grandchildren, honestly! I have had a few comments in the last week to the effect that the commenter knows they don't want anything from me as they are not into 'hippie stuff'. LOL
Yes, I do have some traditional tie dye ~ but how hippie is a black/white/pink tie dye if it has penguins in pink pearls and saddleshoes on it? I ask you!
I also have many items that use dyed garments as the starting point for distinctly non-hippie designs, even (gasp) cutesy things.
One friend's husband asked her, upon seeing my Etsy shop "so is she like a total hippie or what?".
Trust me, the answer is 'or what'.
I say it is time to break the mental hold that hippies have on tie dye and set it free for the whole world to enjoy! Who is with me?
Hello? Anyone?

Maybe I'll just start with a hippieness rating system to help out browsers and shoppers when wanting to know just 'how hippie' an item might be:
1 = like wow, man, far out, pass the mary jane.
2 = My parents were hippies, I can dig it.
3 = hippies are cool and have cool clothes, but I am glad I am not one4 = Enh, no thanks, I prefer neutrals, where is my gray button down shirt?
5 = those d*mn hippies, they should all be locked up and get a haircut.
*no image available*

Will that help?
Now firmly removing tongue from cheek :)
You know I love you all, hippies and non and in between!
I am loving this little guy, I think we might need one to keep. Tie dyed in a traditional spiral of black and yellow and accented with a hand painted little bee... this would look adorable with black and yellow knitted longies for the early fall!
Monday, 13 August 2007
Argh. I am so disappointed. Rowan has a number of food allergies: egg, soy, dairy ~ which makes food prep and safety very difficult! We have to always keep prepared food on hand (I batch cook and freeze for her), read every label, every time, and rarely touch food outside of our home, that we didn't prepare or bring.
I have a dairy protein allergy as do several members of my family.
It has been my fond hope that she would outgrow her egg and soy allergies and we would continue on dairy free, given the history and the fact that it has seemed to improve for most of us who have it and then swung back badly in adolescence.
I gave her eggs last week. She was fine, except she couldn't sleep that night.
Needing to give it another go today, I did. And she had major GI issues plus the sleep issue. So. No eggs. And since eggs were only excluded on suspicion and association with dairy, it is not a good sign.
She still drinks a hypoallergenic infant formula and must come off of it, but needs something to replace it and aside from milk and soy, none of the alternatives come close nutritionally and you would have to get a lot of greens into a toddler to make up the calcium etc. So it is off to the nutritionist and back to the allergist we go.
I am so bummed out. It is getting harder to limit her access to food and she is aware of what the other kids are having and she isn't. As a result of having these three, she is also no nuts, seeds, shellfish or fish for the forseeable future.
And we live in the boonies so access to food alternatives is very difficult (and most non-dairy foods sub soy). Thank goodness this kid loves beans and other non-kid foods, but it looks like I need to refresh and get back into the swing of things as far as cooking, preparing and finding our way through this challenge ~Must go re-associate myself with the Kids with Food Allergies website!
This is a total vent, I will do whatever I need to do for my kiddo, I just dreamed of it being easier for her. It still may be, just not now.
Friday, 10 August 2007

I know you are *dying* to know (and no, that is not a bad dye pun!).
This is Bruno--->
Breed? Who knows, maybe American Bulldog with a docked tail? He is big, white, muscular, thoroughly scary looking with a heart made of marshmallow and as wide as the prairies. He is inspired by a rescue I picked up for another group once, and kept several weeks in order to nurse him back to health after an abusive start in life. His name was Buster. He was MASSIVE, you could set a dinner plate on his head and it would stay there. His paws were larger than my hands. He ran like a steam engine and broke my clothesline pole by running into it with his head (and kept on moving). He was an utter lamb. Starved, beaten and scared, his sweet nature triumphed quickly.

I didn't mean to draw Bruno, he sort of happened, and he sort of looks like Buster. Or how Buster would look when all dressed up by doting children. I don't know where Buster ended up but I hope his life is like the fictional Bruno ~ loved, petted and spoiled even as he is tolerant, affectionate and faithful.

So that's Bruno. I hope we see more of him!
Tuesday, 7 August 2007
I had so much fun taking these pictures, they aren't great (you see either the storage sheds or the street!) but the colours are so much fun!
This was a custom set of six silkies for a birthday gift for sisters in Saskatchewan.
Say that 5 times fast: SetofsixsilkiesforsistersinSaskatchewan
Without further ado (and silliness):You can read more about silkies here.
Thanks to Jen at BFBeads

6 WEIRD THINGS~~I've been tagged!!
THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about yourself. People who get tagged need to write on their own blog their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

I don't know if I know 6 people with blogs who haven't been tagged! Yikes.
1. I am really picky about 'best before' dates

I read them on all food products and won't touch them if it is even close. And I really have trouble with leftovers. I think it is because my mother used to have 'leftover night' and haul out really old stuff from the fridge and try to hide it with other stuff and call it supper!

2. I like snakes but I am really freaked out by everything else without legs.
Slugs. worms. fish. But snakes don't bother me. Who knows.

3. I was a good bartender, at the tender age of 13.
I worked in a restaurant, looked a little older and the waitresses discovered I was great at mixing drinks. Totally illegal (and I used to save up the dregs and share them with my stepsister, yikes!) but I mixed a mean cocktail LOL

4. I can convince myself that words aren't words.
If I say a word over a few times in my head, or it gets stuck there, pretty soon I am convinced that "apple" or whatever it is isn't really a word and it is kind of freaky. The whole world shifts a little. I mean, what if it isn't a word, man? Freaky!

5. I can't draw, but I can paint.
I paint WAY better than I can draw. I sketch things out on paper to get dimensions and relationships between lines but it always stinks. But I can paint what I see.

6. I have a knack for names as long as I get them right the first time.
People always comment on my knack for remembering names and faces. I work it at, but if I mess up once (the first time) I am done for. I will permanently commit the wrong name to memory and when faced with that person, panic, because I know it is the wrong name but I don't know the right one. Even if corrected multiple times, I'll forget. I can go years never using someone's name because I'll mess it up. But get it right the first time and I never forget.

I am tagging:
I'll be back with #6!
Monday, 6 August 2007 which Rowan responds, "Like this?" and gives us the worst cheese eating grins...!
We know now not to request a smile, but others never fail to ask for one, and boy do they get it!
Yes, this *is* a smile!
Just a little Monday afternoon fluff!
If you have a little one with a birthday coming up, I have an idea for you!
If you forward me a picture of the party invitations, or any other image you would like (theme, happy birthday etc) OR have a request for me to create an image, I can dye and paint up a special birthday shirt! How cool is that?
Of course if you don't specifically put 'Happy Birthday' on it your child can wear it all year long.
Just be sure to leave me a week to work on it and 10-14 days shipping.
Here is a sample from a mom who sent along the party invites and a request for a matching monkey shirt:
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