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Tuesday, 28 August 2007
Today is my daughter's second birthday. I hope to get a minute to write more about that later today! For now I just wanted to rave about an Etsy seller who made something very special for me to give to Rowan this year.

Anniepants made this fabulous teeny tiny silver tea cup by hand and added a jump ring so it could be added to my daughter's birthday charm bracelet.

I decided last year that I would get Rowan a charm bracelet (the old fashioned kind, very hard to find these days!) and each year for her birthday would get her a charm that had special meaning in relation to that year of her life.

For her first birthday I found a lovely rowan branch charm in a little shop in Scotland~ the meaning of that being obvious! Her name, her beginning, her growth as well as the charm of protection conferred upon wearers and bearers by the rowan itself.

This year I was torn between a ladybug to represent her discovery of the world around her and her love for catching and releasing the ladybirds OR something to commemorate her passion for tea parties and the delight of a child unraveling her fantastic imagination! When I saw this little teacup and saucer I had my answer!

Happy birthday baby.


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