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Sunday, 26 August 2007
'Cause if I get it out of my head and on to paper I feel better!
  • Photo displays for in-laws 50th wedding anniversary
  • pre-wash and sort new blanks order
  • fill custom orders (I am up to my eyeballs ~ which is nice! but yikes~ painting takes a lot of time!)
  • launch new project at yet unrevealed place (mwahhhahahaha) and many many attendant tasks
  • complete some new designs for fall and winter
  • celebrate dd's 2nd birthday (woohhoooO!)
  • prepare projects for the fall fair (myself and Rowan~ ie she has a pasta necklace to make and to glue some rocks to a plate! LOL I have a quilt to prep and some photos to edit)
  • do laundry and clean up from being away past 4 days and prep to go away again this week (to 50th party)
  • pick up sister at airport this weekend
  • read the new Harry Potter while relaxing on the beach while my angelic two year old plays peacefully and safely on the shoreline (SO not gonna happen! especially since the 'angelic' one is refusing to sleep!)
  • plus all the usual stuff
Yep, holidays all right!


Unknown said...

Please, don’t let J. K. Rowling kill Harry Potter. :)

Please, save Harry Potter. :)

Cara said...

Lori, I can so relate and I'm not even half as busy as you are... and my daughter sleeps! :D I'm constantly thinking about Christmastime and it's not even September :P

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