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Wednesday, 15 August 2007
Yes, my items are for more than just aging hippies to give to their grandchildren, honestly! I have had a few comments in the last week to the effect that the commenter knows they don't want anything from me as they are not into 'hippie stuff'. LOL
Yes, I do have some traditional tie dye ~ but how hippie is a black/white/pink tie dye if it has penguins in pink pearls and saddleshoes on it? I ask you!
I also have many items that use dyed garments as the starting point for distinctly non-hippie designs, even (gasp) cutesy things.
One friend's husband asked her, upon seeing my Etsy shop "so is she like a total hippie or what?".
Trust me, the answer is 'or what'.
I say it is time to break the mental hold that hippies have on tie dye and set it free for the whole world to enjoy! Who is with me?
Hello? Anyone?

Maybe I'll just start with a hippieness rating system to help out browsers and shoppers when wanting to know just 'how hippie' an item might be:
1 = like wow, man, far out, pass the mary jane.
2 = My parents were hippies, I can dig it.
3 = hippies are cool and have cool clothes, but I am glad I am not one4 = Enh, no thanks, I prefer neutrals, where is my gray button down shirt?
5 = those d*mn hippies, they should all be locked up and get a haircut.
*no image available*

Will that help?
Now firmly removing tongue from cheek :)
You know I love you all, hippies and non and in between!


Cara said...

That cracks me up! For the most part we act like hippies (minus the mary jane portion) but totally don't dress like it...

K E Fleck said...

the world needs more tie dyed, hippies or no hippies ;-)

I prefer to think of myself as putting the "hip" back in "hippie" but just saying the work "hip" probably negats that, eh?

I love your work, by the way! I'm so happy I came across you and expect to order soon! Your shop has much in it that makes me smile and your blog, too!

Best Wishes!

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