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Thursday, 30 August 2007
I made my first attempt at Low Water Immersion (the aqua/purple pictured).
I have had similar results to LWI in the past using overdyeing (the black/green/yellow pictured) but thought I would try the real thing.
This is a dyeing technique where the dye is applied right to the garments with as little water as possible, and allowed to spread and color the item before the chemicals are added to create the reaction and bind the dye to the fabric. It is quite different than the traditional soda soak method I generally use.
I am not sure how I feel about it~ on one hand the results can be fantastic... or really blah. It really is a matter of trial and error and luck. How long to leave things, how tight your scrunch them, how various colors interact. I like the ease of not having to mix all the chemicals, but it uses much more dye per item (and dye costs me dearly since I have to import it!).
I tried 4 items. Two I was pleased with, one was ok and the fourth was a failure.
The failure was orange and black and I have a slightly mottled, poorly dyed black tee now (not pictured!)! LOL
The ok one was the turkey ~ I would have liked more definition in the red and brown, but the tee was very small and I needed to use a smaller, tighter vessel for dyeing.
The other two were the 'Chocolate Hearts' and the 'High Five' mini monster ~ both of which turned out well and true to the style/method.
I had one mishap~ the brown/pink shirt was in a bowl on my chest freezer and the bottle holding the shirt in the bowl fell over (?!?!), dumping almost all the dye into my clean laundry. Oh ya. All my work blouses I had washed for fall. It had to happen sometime, I suppose. I am glad it was with LWI, since there was no reactive chemical in the dye bath yet, the items mostly washed clean with mild staining (sweaters and strategically placed brooches, or at least a shrug and 'how did that get there? I have a two year old!' excuse should cover it).
I'll likely try some more LWI later in the fall~ right now I have customs to complete before I can experiment again!


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