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Monday, 13 August 2007
Argh. I am so disappointed. Rowan has a number of food allergies: egg, soy, dairy ~ which makes food prep and safety very difficult! We have to always keep prepared food on hand (I batch cook and freeze for her), read every label, every time, and rarely touch food outside of our home, that we didn't prepare or bring.
I have a dairy protein allergy as do several members of my family.
It has been my fond hope that she would outgrow her egg and soy allergies and we would continue on dairy free, given the history and the fact that it has seemed to improve for most of us who have it and then swung back badly in adolescence.
I gave her eggs last week. She was fine, except she couldn't sleep that night.
Needing to give it another go today, I did. And she had major GI issues plus the sleep issue. So. No eggs. And since eggs were only excluded on suspicion and association with dairy, it is not a good sign.
She still drinks a hypoallergenic infant formula and must come off of it, but needs something to replace it and aside from milk and soy, none of the alternatives come close nutritionally and you would have to get a lot of greens into a toddler to make up the calcium etc. So it is off to the nutritionist and back to the allergist we go.
I am so bummed out. It is getting harder to limit her access to food and she is aware of what the other kids are having and she isn't. As a result of having these three, she is also no nuts, seeds, shellfish or fish for the forseeable future.
And we live in the boonies so access to food alternatives is very difficult (and most non-dairy foods sub soy). Thank goodness this kid loves beans and other non-kid foods, but it looks like I need to refresh and get back into the swing of things as far as cooking, preparing and finding our way through this challenge ~Must go re-associate myself with the Kids with Food Allergies website!
This is a total vent, I will do whatever I need to do for my kiddo, I just dreamed of it being easier for her. It still may be, just not now.


Cara said...

Hugs. I am so beyond irritated with allergies. From what I hear, though, most of us with tons of allergies have a really strong immune system and are less likely to get cancer. Silver lining?

I just made a lentil soup that is vegan and soy free, it was really good. We froze it in mason jars, it makes a ton. I'll go find you the recipe...


Unknown said...

Awesome~! Thanks Cara!

Unknown said...

I can understand your feelings.

Now she realises that other children can eat more it's time she also realises she feels bad after eating something she is not allowed.

My friend got her girl accepting it by giving her a special button on her socks. So she was special.

Unknown said...

Neat idea and excellent point, thank you!:) So far it works if I don't eat it either so it is 'we can't eat that but we'll have xyz...' and I save special things like pizza and pasta for those types of outings so she is less bereft. Thankfully she doesn't have a sweet tooth.

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