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Friday, 10 August 2007

I know you are *dying* to know (and no, that is not a bad dye pun!).
This is Bruno--->
Breed? Who knows, maybe American Bulldog with a docked tail? He is big, white, muscular, thoroughly scary looking with a heart made of marshmallow and as wide as the prairies. He is inspired by a rescue I picked up for another group once, and kept several weeks in order to nurse him back to health after an abusive start in life. His name was Buster. He was MASSIVE, you could set a dinner plate on his head and it would stay there. His paws were larger than my hands. He ran like a steam engine and broke my clothesline pole by running into it with his head (and kept on moving). He was an utter lamb. Starved, beaten and scared, his sweet nature triumphed quickly.

I didn't mean to draw Bruno, he sort of happened, and he sort of looks like Buster. Or how Buster would look when all dressed up by doting children. I don't know where Buster ended up but I hope his life is like the fictional Bruno ~ loved, petted and spoiled even as he is tolerant, affectionate and faithful.

So that's Bruno. I hope we see more of him!


Kacey said...

Too cute! You are very talented!

Keely said...

I just love Bruno! I hope to see more of him too!

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