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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Sunday, 30 September 2007
I have had a hard time blogging lately as things have been hectic and we are still having major sleep issues around here.
But, I wanted to catch up on a couple new projects.
First, is the announcement of my own stand alone shop, Beneath the Rowan Tree (of course) on Hyena Cart, set to open October 19th.

I will still be leading our cool congo Take Off Your Shoes
with its awesome bunch of artists from Etsy, but I wanted a place to do special projects (collaborations, auctions, new ideas) and customs, as well as a home for several new natural toys made by or with my husband.My main project in this regard is the launching of Square Roots (tm) Wooden Play Tiles, for child lead, open ended play ages 1 - 6+. Square Roots are 2 x 2" wooden tiles (unfinished) with pairs of images painted on them (this side is sealed). They are wonderful for counting, colors, matching, memory, storytelling, building, dominoes stacking, and other root concepts such as sets, opposites and grouping. Sold in sets of twelve with an available silk storage pouch, these tiles can be customized to any child's interests or for special gifts or learning units. They are in the tester stage right now and our hope is to launch them with the new shop on October 19th.
Tuesday, 25 September 2007
You might be on the line!
I am ahead of schedule and hope to finish up outstanding customs this week.
Monday, 24 September 2007
This time for the fall/winter season!
This little dress was a LOT of work, but fun stuff~ too bad I have to send it away now!
The process of dyeing this little one is always tricky, but it is the multiple colors and drying times and fine detail on the fishies that ends up taking so long, next time I'll try and take pics in process because I always find it interesting how much the fishies change from easter eggs to little fish!
Sunday, 23 September 2007

Rowan and I spent Saturday morning cleaning up her room ~ emptying the closet of 'baby stuff' (baby towels, crib sheets and so on) as well as her summer clothes. We are preparing for the arrival (from Daddy's workshop) of the Big Girl Bed any day now.
We got out the Big Girl Sheets and Blankets. We cleaned off the diaper table. We weeded out the baby books.
Ro was so excited to have her own sheets, and we even went to the linen closet and picked a Big Girl Towel to hang on the rack with mama and daddy's towels.
It was a Big Girl Day.
I couldn't help but to be a little sad to see how quickly they grow up. Everyone tells you that, but when it is your own baby telling you she is a Big Girl, you know what they mean!
All of a sudden they are going up and downstairs without you hovering. They drink from a tumbler. They climb in and out of the tub by themselves. Little things which indicate big changes as we move from a baby household to a child one.
Once we finished the room clean up, we decided to go downtown for a cup of tea at the coffee house with the chairs on the sidewalk that Rowan has been so wanting to sit on.
I was melancholy the whole way there about my baby being a big girl.
But when we sat together Rowan in a super hero boy's tee and a tiara she found in a dress up box!), mugs in hand, giggling and chatting, Rowan stopping once in a while to say "Having tea with mommy like big girl" I could see the potential, the future, and it looks lovely, too.
Thursday, 20 September 2007
I haven't been updating much as I have been busy getting out custom orders (which is a good thing!). I have been working on some new designs for winter and have had a lot of fun with fairies this week!
The pink dress is a romper (for over a long sleeve shirt)that I am working to list (if it is too small for Rowan, I really like this one!) and the Ice Fairy was a custom for a mama at Diaperswappers.
Very different in style but I am happy with both results!
Tuesday, 18 September 2007
At this point we are rallying our resources and our energy to wade into the fray of domestic private adoption here in our home province.
We need to update our documents and profile books and get set up with our main licensee and any others we choose. We are spreading the word to everyone we know that we are adopting in case they know of a situation that might be a good match.
We are still sad and a little raw about the loss of our other adoption plans and hopes and so we are moving forward slowly but with the sure feeling that our family will come together as it is meant to do.
Friday, 14 September 2007
Today is the Grand Opening for Take Off Your Shoes on Hyena Cart.
Come and visit, and of course, be sure to take off your shoes for the complete experience ;).
Wednesday, 12 September 2007
Part of Rowan's recent sleep issues are definitely milestone related. Her language has taken another huge leap forward.
And it is working against us.
She and I were laying the other day when she announced a propos nothing (really, nothing!) that "Mama is a bum tooter".
When I asked her to toss the squash in the back of the grocery cart yesterday, she did so, and picked up a banana as a phone and said "Hello? Hello? This mommy squash tosser?".
And today when Andy got home from work Ro marched up to him and accusingly pointed into his face, declaring "Squash Tosser. Daddy Squash Tosser."
This is so much fun ~ rather makes up for the (still) sleepless hours of the night!
Sunday, 9 September 2007
The time is drawing nigh (how is that for drama?)... for the launching of a cool new venture with some even cooler WAHMs (work at home moms).
On Friday, September 14th at 1 PM (EST) we are holding the Grand Opening of our brand new congo (conglomeration shop) at Hyena Cart.
Hyenas, you say? Not like this one pictured!
Hyena Cart is self-described as a 'collection of earth friendly shops' ~ it is the savannah where WAHMs (and working out of the home moms like myself) and others gather to buy and sell handmade items that are especially geared towards mothers and children. Everything is handmade (like Etsy).
It operates a little differently than some other selling sites~ stores stock at specific times and dates and the 'hyenas' stalk the stockings looking for the hottest new items. Very 'survival of the fittest'/ law of the jungle-ish. Maybe a little like our smiling friend, after all!
We have developed a congo of 8 shops, each featuring different types of handcrafted items, all connected by a shared philosophy that childhood is holy ground and our task is to support our children in growing up slowly and nurturing the barefoot years of their childhood. All of our items are made and chosen to support this end.
All the moms come from Etsy and we are all new to Hyena Cart. We are always looking for other creative types to do a guest stocking or two with us, so if you are interested and we find your work to be a good fit, we can hook you up with the hyenas LOL
Our Grand Opening will feature two HUGE free lotteries, so sign up at Hyena Cart now and you can enter to win! Check us out at TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES to find out who is involved and what we are selling (previews will be up on Monday, Sept. 10th).
What is it?
You know... it's orange and crunchy and horses ('rorsies' at our house) like to eat it...
Answer: FINGERS!
Well, that was Rowan's answer this morning while playing with a horse puppet! She went to the fair yesterday and rode a horse and we were talking about all the snacks horses like to eat (including carrots) ~ so the puppet asked her the question about 'orange and crunchy' snacks and her response, without missing a beat, was, fingers.
What a monkey.
Friday, 7 September 2007
That would be Rowan. Poor little monkey is going through a new phase of independence which is marked by the ability to leave her crib and her room whenever she pleases. The flip side of this growing independence, however is a new awareness of DARK.
For the first time she is up and moving about in the dark, alone. And things don't look the same as they do in the day time. You bump, you fall, shadows rear up. It is scary.
So we have a child who with every small waking in the night decides to exercise her new ability to roam, but this in turn frightens her out of getting back to sleep.
Nights are very LONG here right now.
But it is all part of growing up (and she has shot up in height, outgrown all her shoes and had another language explosion, so no wonder she is disrupted during sleep, teething issues aside!).
Seeing it through her eyes helps us keep perspective and keeping our sleep goals in mind helps us through the wee hours as we sit (on command) in the chair in her room (she in her crib) while she practices as much independence as she can handle at 2 am!
Wednesday, 5 September 2007
The baby is SLEEPING! For the first time in days, Rowan has gone to sleep with out a screamfest and hours of rocking and holding and.... she is teething and has learned to climb/fall out of her crib and the last few days have been a nightmare. Honestly the worst I have had in parenting in terms of frustration, exasperation and sheer helplessness with a strung out kiddo who can't sleep or eat or function with out melting down (and she is generally a cheerful, happy kid!).
So here is to a LOOOONG nap so I can get caught up~ if you are waiting on customs, I am still waiting on blanks and the rest are being dyed today/tonight, my apologies for the delay.
Sunday, 2 September 2007
My husband and I were very sad to learn on Friday evening that our hopes of becoming parents through adoption from the US state of Georgia are at an end. Our agency called us to let us know that due to implementation of the Hague Convention we are no longer able to adopt through their services. This affects three other Canadian families in their agency's program.
Don't get me wrong, the Hague is an important piece of legislation as pertains to international adoption and child protection from exploitation.
It is just that we entered the program in the US before its implementation with assurances that it would not affect our adoption, we would be 'grandfathered' in. However, the State Department has ended all adoptions out of the US which were to be performed through the work of an agency. Now all potential birthmothers must find their own adopting family and a number of other new restrictions apply, moving this option beyond our reach, emotionally and financially. The agency went to bat for its remaining families but was defeated.
So now, after a year of working and praying and hoping, picturing our little one, preparing our family and our home, we are out the door and back at square one. No longer expecting a baby, it feels like a loss, it is a loss. And we are saddened. Not angry, because we know that God has a plan for our family and it will come together as it should, but saddened for this closed door and finished dream.
We will still adopt. We just need time to rally ourselves and find the new direction. I expect we will move to adopt domestically and pursue setting our paperwork in order ASAP.
Just a spot to update current orders in progress~ so if you are waiting, please check back often!
I am awaiting my order of blanks (as of September 2) so I can get moving on the bulk of these, I will post pictures as I make progress. I trust the blanks will arrive this week, barring any problems at customs (crosses everything!).
UPDATE: Blanks arrived 11/09 and setting to work. I am painting in order of orders placed..../

Name~ Status
Abi~ 1/2 order ready to be mailed once tights are batched, MAILED
2nd 1/2 awaiting blanks and confirmation of designs (Xmas & Ducky)
3 nighties, 2t jacket, 4t and 6t playdresses
Lowell~ Purple Bat tshirt (3t) Painted ~ will mail Sept 27.
Sugarfoot~ Aa dress MAILED
Cade ~ penguins tee ~dyed DONE & MAILED (20/09)
Craftymom mud puppy l/s tee ~dyed DONE & MAILED(20/09)
Danut~ fairy dress ~dyed DONE & MAILED(20/09)
Jamie ~ dress with fishies ~dyed Mailed
dawnjodi~ 18 m long sleevedragonflies ~dyed DONE & MAILED(20/09)
ryannb~2T long sleeve spiral ~dyed MAILED
That Lin Girl ~ to dye Mon. September 3rd (hoodie)~ Painted, will mail Wednesday(12th).
Heather ~ cap to dye Mon. Sept. 3rd (cap) DONE MAILED
Catened ~ to mail Tuesday, Sept. 4 (Dharma) DONE MAILED
enchanted dandelion ~to dye Mon. Sept. 3, mail Wednesday, Sept. 5 MAILED
autumnfading ~to dye Monday, Sept.3 DONE MAILED
ALL paid PITCH Shirts ~ to dye Monday, Sept. 3, mail Wed. Sept 5 Mailed except for BrannaMuffin's, awaiting blanks)
leahsuzi ~ awaiting blanks (tiger, white l/s)MAILED
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