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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Rowan and I spent Saturday morning cleaning up her room ~ emptying the closet of 'baby stuff' (baby towels, crib sheets and so on) as well as her summer clothes. We are preparing for the arrival (from Daddy's workshop) of the Big Girl Bed any day now.
We got out the Big Girl Sheets and Blankets. We cleaned off the diaper table. We weeded out the baby books.
Ro was so excited to have her own sheets, and we even went to the linen closet and picked a Big Girl Towel to hang on the rack with mama and daddy's towels.
It was a Big Girl Day.
I couldn't help but to be a little sad to see how quickly they grow up. Everyone tells you that, but when it is your own baby telling you she is a Big Girl, you know what they mean!
All of a sudden they are going up and downstairs without you hovering. They drink from a tumbler. They climb in and out of the tub by themselves. Little things which indicate big changes as we move from a baby household to a child one.
Once we finished the room clean up, we decided to go downtown for a cup of tea at the coffee house with the chairs on the sidewalk that Rowan has been so wanting to sit on.
I was melancholy the whole way there about my baby being a big girl.
But when we sat together Rowan in a super hero boy's tee and a tiara she found in a dress up box!), mugs in hand, giggling and chatting, Rowan stopping once in a while to say "Having tea with mommy like big girl" I could see the potential, the future, and it looks lovely, too.


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet!--and a little sad. My oldest (he's six) is developmentally disabled, so I missed all of this with him, but my youngest (he's four) breaks my heart all the time! :) He's been very independent from the time he started to walk, and now he's like a little grown-up. (Seriously. Sometimes he's a little too mature.)

Luckily, I have a third on the way, and she'll be here in a month. Then I can start all over! :)

Unknown said...

Ah, Christina, that must be a sad thing, even as you celebrate the development of your second little guy. Thanks for stopping by and good vibes for your little girl's safe arrival!

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