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Sunday, 2 September 2007
Just a spot to update current orders in progress~ so if you are waiting, please check back often!
I am awaiting my order of blanks (as of September 2) so I can get moving on the bulk of these, I will post pictures as I make progress. I trust the blanks will arrive this week, barring any problems at customs (crosses everything!).
UPDATE: Blanks arrived 11/09 and setting to work. I am painting in order of orders placed..../

Name~ Status
Abi~ 1/2 order ready to be mailed once tights are batched, MAILED
2nd 1/2 awaiting blanks and confirmation of designs (Xmas & Ducky)
3 nighties, 2t jacket, 4t and 6t playdresses
Lowell~ Purple Bat tshirt (3t) Painted ~ will mail Sept 27.
Sugarfoot~ Aa dress MAILED
Cade ~ penguins tee ~dyed DONE & MAILED (20/09)
Craftymom mud puppy l/s tee ~dyed DONE & MAILED(20/09)
Danut~ fairy dress ~dyed DONE & MAILED(20/09)
Jamie ~ dress with fishies ~dyed Mailed
dawnjodi~ 18 m long sleevedragonflies ~dyed DONE & MAILED(20/09)
ryannb~2T long sleeve spiral ~dyed MAILED
That Lin Girl ~ to dye Mon. September 3rd (hoodie)~ Painted, will mail Wednesday(12th).
Heather ~ cap to dye Mon. Sept. 3rd (cap) DONE MAILED
Catened ~ to mail Tuesday, Sept. 4 (Dharma) DONE MAILED
enchanted dandelion ~to dye Mon. Sept. 3, mail Wednesday, Sept. 5 MAILED
autumnfading ~to dye Monday, Sept.3 DONE MAILED
ALL paid PITCH Shirts ~ to dye Monday, Sept. 3, mail Wed. Sept 5 Mailed except for BrannaMuffin's, awaiting blanks)
leahsuzi ~ awaiting blanks (tiger, white l/s)MAILED


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