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Sunday, 9 September 2007
The time is drawing nigh (how is that for drama?)... for the launching of a cool new venture with some even cooler WAHMs (work at home moms).
On Friday, September 14th at 1 PM (EST) we are holding the Grand Opening of our brand new congo (conglomeration shop) at Hyena Cart.
Hyenas, you say? Not like this one pictured!
Hyena Cart is self-described as a 'collection of earth friendly shops' ~ it is the savannah where WAHMs (and working out of the home moms like myself) and others gather to buy and sell handmade items that are especially geared towards mothers and children. Everything is handmade (like Etsy).
It operates a little differently than some other selling sites~ stores stock at specific times and dates and the 'hyenas' stalk the stockings looking for the hottest new items. Very 'survival of the fittest'/ law of the jungle-ish. Maybe a little like our smiling friend, after all!
We have developed a congo of 8 shops, each featuring different types of handcrafted items, all connected by a shared philosophy that childhood is holy ground and our task is to support our children in growing up slowly and nurturing the barefoot years of their childhood. All of our items are made and chosen to support this end.
All the moms come from Etsy and we are all new to Hyena Cart. We are always looking for other creative types to do a guest stocking or two with us, so if you are interested and we find your work to be a good fit, we can hook you up with the hyenas LOL
Our Grand Opening will feature two HUGE free lotteries, so sign up at Hyena Cart now and you can enter to win! Check us out at TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES to find out who is involved and what we are selling (previews will be up on Monday, Sept. 10th).


Andrea said...

Beautiful collaborations!

Unknown said...

Thanks! We are all excited!

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