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Friday, 26 October 2007

I am not very good with keeping our parents up to date with pictures and such. Heck, I am a year behind on getting pictures printed from the digital files!
My mother recently moved close to us and more recently moved much further away (nothing to do with us, honest!) and we are about 400 km away from the closest relatives at this time. We had big plans for sending pictures monthly (see above confession) and I have gotten lax at e-mailing them, too.
So I have resolved to send something to my family once a week (by e-mail) and need to find a way to connect better with Andy's folks (who are in the nursing home), since I don't seem to get pics out (see above confession, again) and they get really baffled by DVDs. Suggestions welcome!
This is the picture my mom got this morning :).
On a side note, when on EARTH did my baby become such a big girl?!?
Oh, and this is for grandma, too! I am a little embarrassed about my singing but Grandma loves to see Rowan do the 'dead bunny song' (so Grandma calls it).


Anonymous said...

Love the "do it again". She's adorable...thanks for sharing Jane.

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