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Tuesday, 9 October 2007
So, for a while I would read posts on forums about people looking for amber teething necklaces and wonder what good it would do to chew on amber. Now I notice many listings for these items have an explicit statement about the necklace NOT going in baby's mouth. Good thing~ 'cause it means I'm not the only goofball out there LOL
But then I wonder if I am the only one who wondered why you would need to feed wool? (Wool food... maybe a conditioner or something, like plant food?!) *blush*. Thank goodness I figured it out and we have some awesome wool food at our house from Tiffany at Fair Trade Family now!
For a smart girl I am pretty dumb sometimes.
But back to the amber. Folks say it has wonderful properties to help ease the pain of teething, and Rowan takes teething hard. Every one of her teeth have been very disruptive and painful. And these two year molars are doing us all in! So we are thrilled to try our our very pretty new amber teething necklace from Casey at Little Queen Sheba~ she is a delight to work with and does lovely work. This necklace fits Rowan perfectly and the mix of amber and garnet is bang on for her nature and coloring! We made a great trade~ a couple Bruno shirts for her girls and a teething necklace for us!


Hyla said...

Hmm, maybe Ill give that a try!
Check out my blog please!

Cara said...

I just got clove oil, G's recommendation. I tested it before I tryed it on Hannah, and it tastes awful, but totally numbs like your whole mouth (just a drop on your finger and then put that in her mouth, like oragel). But I wonder if she'd let you, with the taste? Hannah made some pretty funny faces, but no more teething pain for the rest of the night! :)

The necklace is pretty, though! :)

Unknown said...

Cool idea, we'll see. What with the 'magic honey' she is already taking at bedtime, maybe we could mix.

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

We have a teething necklace for both Abbie and Isaiah, and I definitely think it helps. Even when I'm not 100% sure it's teething, like when Abbie is just being a typical 2yo, it seems to take the edge off her tantrums. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Well, let's hope it does that too!


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