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Monday, 29 October 2007

Crayons go with childhood like footie jammies and swings! I was working on making some yesterday and Andy came into the kitchen~ "mmm! The smell of crayons!" ~ and you can smell them, too, can't you?
At BTRT we are producing some high quality, fun and usefull little crayons for toddlers and preschoolers. Like lots of our toys, we want them to be durable, portable and safe. All our crayons come in little pouches which work great for keeping them in the diaper bag, a purse or any other place (no crayon marks all over, no dinged up crayons!) and all the crayons are thick, colorful and strong enough for toddler handling.
The rounded ones in particular make great first crayons as they fit in the palm of a toddler's hand for ease of laying down color (while their pincer grip is still developing for holding traditional crayons which gets frustrating and the crayons break!). the other fun shapes are best for 2+ (Rowan loves the turtles and they doubled as alligator food during a long wait at the doctor's today LOL).


Cara said...

I love these... and your nativity square roots :) Rowan is growing up! She looks so much like YOU! Hey, it's a little Lori :) My mom is spoiled, she gets a picture emailed every week day...

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