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Monday, 15 October 2007
I don't often stop while working to take photos and log my progress, but since I was painting in the computer room today I thought I'd try!
I hauled my old card table~ circa 1960(!) it belonged(s) to Andy's parents and has the date of purchase and their names on the bottom, we 'borrowed' it several years ago (oops!) and paints upstairs for a bit today to escape Miss Grabby Fingers (who was with her sitter, I was keeping my cold home and to myself).
I set up my space with paints, brush holder/rinser, brushes and paints and set to work.

Today I was working on a dress for Simcha's Jewels on Hyena cart (this woman has the most gorgeous family, you must see her shop!). She asked for a toddler dress (my choice of design) to use for her Grand Re-Opening of her shop as part of a set.

I dyed this 4T dress with turquoise and yellow, using the low-water immersion technique a few nights ago. I had visions of mermaids on deep colors, but as usual, the dress had other ideas. What I got was a brilliant and bright blend of blues and yellows and greens reminiscent of an aerial view over wetlands. It begged for dragonflies, although they are not the most seasonal of creatures for the current (cold!) season!

Considering the indistinct blending created by the LWI I wanted whatever I painted to be very sharp and to *pop* from the background with a sense of depth and movement. I generally paint freehand, but in this case I pulled out a stamp for its sharp clean lines, stamped it on very lightly in silver and overpainted the insects in a stained glass type of style.

I hope to complete the back this evening and get the dress cured, heat set and pressed tomorrow evening and ready to send out. The cool thing is that Helen was just considering buying some dragonfly beads, so this should work out wonderfully!
Update: Finished on Tuesday and snapped some shots late afternoon. Helen said she squealed when she saw the work in progress pics, so I will take that as a good sign! LOL


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