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Wednesday, 31 October 2007
It had to be said.
Rowan was a wonderful lion this evening~ she laid in her wagon and drowsed, bestirring herself to get out and see the neighbours and then flopping down again. Kind of like when you go to the zoo and the lions never move!
But before that she was a very feisty little lion, galloping (?!) and trying to decide if she was a lion or a monkey that looked like a lion (it looked more like a lion swallowed a monkey...). She enjoyed the Halloween traditions and we got around her food allergies by taking a bag of treats (wool play food and ghost shaped crayons) for the neighbours to give her~ it was odd to have them take a treat from our bag to give back to Rowan!
But she has a nice collection of wool play food (all from Tiffany at Fair Trade Family)~ including a carrot, a couple ice cream cones and a very cute mug of hot cocoa with whip cream on top as well as a small assortment of safe treats like jelly beans to enjoy.
We also took some bookmarks (made by Becky at Becky's Paper Creations) with us to share with our closer neighbours ~ last year we made little pumpkin cards~ to help instill a sense of gratitude and sharing (so Halloween isn't just a big grab and run!) when we are given something. Giving her favourite grown ups something special was fun for Rowan and it was actually the action that overcame her shyness at their doors~ she stepped forward and gave them all their bookmarks (and told them what they were for), even though she wouldn't say 'Trick or Treat'.


LoopyJ said...

My DD has food allergies too. Halloween can be tricky. We have The Great Pumpkin come to our house:) After trick or treating together we divide the treats into safe piles and unsafe piles. The unsafe treats get put in a bag and left at the door. While we're sleeping The Great Pumpkin comes and takes the unsafe candy away and leaves a toy in it's place:) We do this for my son too who doesn't have FAs, but our house is allergen free. They both love it.

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