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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 28 November 2007
Looking for stocking stuffers? How about a stuffed stocking? Our talented mamas at Take Off Your Shoes have joined forces to create a wonderful collaboration available by auction starting at 9 PM EST tonight (Wed.).
Everything is handmade, safe, natural and suitable for babies and toddlers!
Swing on by and take a peek at what Santa's elves have created!
Wednesday, 21 November 2007
...if you had wheels, that is!
Andy created this very cool Big Rig Roller~ it has been sold and needs to have its wheels put on! It also needs to be customized (we are adding the recipient's name to the trailer and cab doors to make it truly his truck).
I hand painted the vehicle in homage to the cabover truck from tv's BJ & the Bear.
This rig weighs in at over 1 kg and is about 13" long (tractor + trailer) and tough as nails. A great gift for a little boy (or girl! My sister and I both said we wanted to be truckers~ my truck would be named 'Pink Undies') which will last for another generation.
The inspiration for the wooden and painted toys is found in the wooden toys my daughter plays with, which were made for me by my grandfather over 30 years ago.
Wednesday, 14 November 2007
Rowan and I took a walk around the yard yesterday afternoon to bid all of our haunts a peaceful winter's rest. She wished her rowan tree a good sleep. Said good night to Peter Rabbit (yes, rabbits don't hibernate, but...)~ well, his hole, since we have never *seen* the rabbit, but Ro has decided that is where he lives. Walked to the lakeshore and waved at the few remaining ducks and then to our neighbour's beach, where she hugged the tiny trees (now wrapped in burlap)and told them 'see you in the sping!'.

She was quite concerned about the 'nakey' trees and felt strongly that we should put their leaves back on. I tried my best to explain that the leaves have died and will go into the ground, and new ones will come in the spring (we looked at some buds). She seemed to accept this answer until we walked past the towering fir in the churchyard next door when she started to struggle to say something (I thought she was remembering our games of 'Pop Goes the Weasel' around its base)~ sometimes her brain goes faster than her words can form these days~ and she finally blurted 'Look at that tree! Somebody put the leaves back on it!'. Which began another round of explanations about evergreens!

It is wonderful to have a child to lad us back to wonder and the beauty of the simple things like the round of the seasons and the amazing regenerative cycles of nature.
Tuesday, 13 November 2007
She is the new super hero for the average mom! Wherever there is clutter and sticky stuff, wherever there is fatigue and frustration, wherever there is a mom like me (and you), there she will be~ accepting the clutter as part of living with children, crying out "Embrace the clutter! Make it pretty!".
Pin Up Girl knows we barely have time to brush our teeth and that daily chores can become a drudge. So she is offering simple, affordable, pretty and fun solutions for spiffing up your clutter!
Based on the ancient technology of the clothespin, she has created bright and functional art for the everyday tasks.
Not sure what to do with your children's artwork?
Hang a couple frames, an artline and some clips and you have a cool wall, organized art and you feel great for under $20!
Love your laundry again, when you hang it with funky little Pin Up Girl clips!
Refresh your refrigerator with magnetized clips for bills, artwork and other detritus of daily living!
Pin Up girl is a pragmatist. So just make it pretty!
Available at Take Off Your Shoes for a short time, and always at Beneath the Rowan Tree
Sunday, 11 November 2007
After a few days away to visit my mom and sister, Rowan and I are home again and trying to get back into the swing of things! Updated customs etc. will be up soon!
Monday, 5 November 2007
In just over 5 months (opened shop on May 29th) I have hit the 100 sales mark at Etsy.
My first item sold? Dog Collar.
Most Popular item? Definitely the Rainbow Set of 6 Silkies.
100th Sale? Rainbow Set of 6 Silkies.
Saturday, 3 November 2007
This is a sneak peek at a couple of new items stocking at Beneath the Rowan Tree on the Take Off Your Shoes congo on Friday, November 9th at 1 pm.
The first is a plane hand made by Andy (who shall hereby be known as 'Handy Andy').
The second is the first part of a new line of items for helping families with clutter clean up and, well, just a bit of fun!
More details to follow, but for now, I have to go and get supper on the table!
Friday, 2 November 2007

Twenty Five silkies later.... my hands are a wreck (eczema due to all the time in dye and chemicals, gloves or no gloves!)but the silk sure looked lovely in the late autumn sunshine!
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