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Tuesday, 13 November 2007
She is the new super hero for the average mom! Wherever there is clutter and sticky stuff, wherever there is fatigue and frustration, wherever there is a mom like me (and you), there she will be~ accepting the clutter as part of living with children, crying out "Embrace the clutter! Make it pretty!".
Pin Up Girl knows we barely have time to brush our teeth and that daily chores can become a drudge. So she is offering simple, affordable, pretty and fun solutions for spiffing up your clutter!
Based on the ancient technology of the clothespin, she has created bright and functional art for the everyday tasks.
Not sure what to do with your children's artwork?
Hang a couple frames, an artline and some clips and you have a cool wall, organized art and you feel great for under $20!
Love your laundry again, when you hang it with funky little Pin Up Girl clips!
Refresh your refrigerator with magnetized clips for bills, artwork and other detritus of daily living!
Pin Up girl is a pragmatist. So just make it pretty!
Available at Take Off Your Shoes for a short time, and always at Beneath the Rowan Tree


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