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Wednesday, 19 December 2007
This is a list of the facts.
From Rowan (age 27 months), as of the week before Christmas.
  • Santa's reindeer are hooked to the front of his sled. Santa pushes it.
  • Santa brings presents. Inside the presents are... presents (and presents inside those).
  • Santa works at the Post Office, or at least delivers presents there.
  • Santa likes to eat reindeer food, you have to tell him not to do so.
  • Santa's reindeer are lazy (see above) and horses work better. They eat hay.
  • Santa sleeps at the school (last sighting).
  • Santa is in the habit of delivering live animals (along with presents). So far a bear, a pony, a big horse and a cheetah top our list.
  • Santa will put said animals in mommy's office to live.
  • Santa picks his nose ('and laying his finger along side of his nose' looks suspicious to a two year old!)
  • Santa wears snow boots and always puts them on the right feet.
  • Santa comes down the chimney and puts on your socks.
I am sure more will be revealed as the big day approaches.
May you and yours have a blessed holiday, however you celebrate, and may Santa not stretch out your socks and may the animal he leaves in YOUR office be tame.
Saturday, 15 December 2007

Come visit our new website and Gname the Gnome for a chance to win a free tshirt featuring the happy, if careworn, little fellow! Just scroll down the main page (and feel free to take a peek around!) and click the gnome for details and to enter!
Contest ends January 13th. Everyone welcome to enter!
Thursday, 13 December 2007

Yahoo! BTRT is now a dot com!
We have launched our new home site (at this point it is an informational site which points to our various stocking locations and shops). New Gallery, full product information pages... lots of colour... come and see!
We also have a fun contest running, I'll let you find it for yourself until I can blog about it here.
If you see anything that could be improved (or heaven help us, a typo!), please let me know! You can tell me good stuff, too!
So here it is:
Thursday, 6 December 2007
Andy and I have been enjoying collaborating on new projects. About a week ago I followed a request for someone looking for a wooden police car and ended up with two custom orders!
Andy quickly turned out two classic Crown Victorias with light racks and I am in the process of customizing them to represent the cruisers of two dads so their sons can have a car like daddy's for Christmas.
It has been lots of fun (even learning that police in the Southern US have blue lights!) and considering the number of cops in our combined families, I can see some family gifts in the making,too.
Getting straight lines and tiny text on rounded wooden shapes is a real challenge but so far so good. I have added a slideshow of the pics so far.
The cars still need to be sealed and the wheels added.
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