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Wednesday, 19 December 2007
This is a list of the facts.
From Rowan (age 27 months), as of the week before Christmas.
  • Santa's reindeer are hooked to the front of his sled. Santa pushes it.
  • Santa brings presents. Inside the presents are... presents (and presents inside those).
  • Santa works at the Post Office, or at least delivers presents there.
  • Santa likes to eat reindeer food, you have to tell him not to do so.
  • Santa's reindeer are lazy (see above) and horses work better. They eat hay.
  • Santa sleeps at the school (last sighting).
  • Santa is in the habit of delivering live animals (along with presents). So far a bear, a pony, a big horse and a cheetah top our list.
  • Santa will put said animals in mommy's office to live.
  • Santa picks his nose ('and laying his finger along side of his nose' looks suspicious to a two year old!)
  • Santa wears snow boots and always puts them on the right feet.
  • Santa comes down the chimney and puts on your socks.
I am sure more will be revealed as the big day approaches.
May you and yours have a blessed holiday, however you celebrate, and may Santa not stretch out your socks and may the animal he leaves in YOUR office be tame.


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