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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 31 January 2008
I have moved our updated list of available blanks to our website ~ you can find them here:
along with our customs policies.

Friday, 25 January 2008
OK, on the whole potty books are kind of awkward. A little graphic, a lot goofy.
I mean books for potty learning, that is.

We have one here that is only enjoyable when Rowan presents it to a visitor who is not prepared for what is inside. We get a big kick out of watching adults reduced to embarrassed mush by 'wee wee' and 'poo poo' as they try to read to a rapt toddler.

Recently a friend recommended the book 'Everyone Poops' ~ if you have a potty learning toddler, or one as thoroughly obsessed with poop as we do, you have to get this book.

Oh, it will make you squeamish, especially the rhino illustration, but your child will love it! Basically, it reinforces the title.
Everyone poops.
With pictures!

And I have to say, it also opens up at least two mysteries... where a snake's bum is located and what whale poop looks like. Off to google!

Tonight, on her way to bed, Rowan really wanted to bring along this book~ and she declared "I want to read everybody poops in my bed". That, my friends, is a different book.

Edited to add: The cloaca is the anal vent of a snake, located just ahead of the tail, or that is, the tail follows after the cloaca. And HERE you will find images of blue whale feces (red from the crabs they ate, evidently~ doesn't that make you want to look?). It floats.
Wednesday, 23 January 2008
It is my pleasure to begin weekly features of talented and hard working women with Andrea of Blue Goose Designs (gorgeous knits and custom work) and Wild Child Yarn (equally yummy hand dyed yarn).
I 'met' Andrea when we worked together on two collaborations in the fall ~ my dye/ paint
work on shirts and her dyed yarn and needles~ when Andrea made the change from her former Baa Baa Naturals to her new Blue Goose Designs. She is a very easy person to work with, strong communication skills and I think anyone looking for yarn or knit work would be pleased with her professionalism and quality work.

I am honoured,that when asked, Andrea cites our Winter Fairy collaboration as one of her favourite pieces of work to date!

The bulk of Andrea's current work is customs. Each customer brings a different vision and each item is unique. She is also passionate about new pattern development. Well, not new, in that she has been working on it for some time! But new in that she is working to publish some of her work. So watch for shorties and soakers for warmer weather, and maybe some patterns in the coming months!

When asked about inspirations, Andrea states that she loves to work with yarn from Stitches Under the Sun. I asked her about her favourite colors~ as a dyer I know how much fun it is to work with colors and how hard it is to choose a favourite combination, but Andrea claims lavender and sage for her favourites (see the Wild Child Yarn logo). She is inspired, or resonates with the following words from an old sampler:
"In the rhythm of the needles, there is music for the soul."

Thank you Andrea for sharing a little bit of your work with me and being my first feature!

You can see more of Andrea's work in her Gallery.
You can find Andrea in her Hyena Cart Shops (linked in the opening sentence) and at her new congo as of February 1st and on her home page.

Watch for our next featured artists in the coming weeks!

Monday, 21 January 2008
How exciting! OK, kind of cool anyway! Our little heart tattoo tshirt was used in a Spotlight Treasury on Etsy's Storque newsletter today. Made me happy. No sale, but that one tshirt got over 700 views. Yowza.
Pardon the poor screenshot, it was gone when I realized I missed the middle piece! Oops.
Sunday, 20 January 2008
Mama's Magic is the blog of a very sweet and creative Etsy seller: Jen of BF Beads. You can see the feature she has done on BTRT here.
Saturday, 19 January 2008
Seasonal parties can be a challenge for families with kids who have food allergies. So many of the little parties children enjoy involve special food treats, even center around them! As Rowan gets older and becomes more aware of what she cannot have, it becomes tougher to attend these gatherings and keep a happy child.
At home,things are pretty smooth, and when we grocery shop she often points out foods (like cheese and eggs) that are 'for daddy, not us' (I also have a dairy allergy) ~ and so far being an 'us' keeps her happy.
With Valentine's Day coming up, we are making lots of heart shaped crayons to share (and to sell for others to share!). We are also having fun with our new product ~ the Art Pop! Art Pops are crayons on a stick, just like lollipops but without the sugar. A great favour for parties and events where a non-food option is desired.
More information about these items can be found on our website, and listings for these items (packaged and personalized!) can be found at Etsy, Hyena Cart or by dropping us a line.
We plan on taking hearts to our local drop in for Valentine's Day!
Sunday, 13 January 2008
Rowan LOVES pierogies. Unfortunately, with her food allergies, most prepared ones from the grocery store are ruled out, and our local grocer quit carrying the kind she *could* eat. And when I say 'loves pierogies' I mean it ~ this kid has been known to wolf down a dozen (more than most adults!) at once. Yikes.
So, we ventured into Eastern European cuisine.
We are Scots, with a little Pennsylvania Dutch for leavening.
We also had to make pierogies without egg or milk, which many recipes use.
We finally found a vegan recipe without soy (another allergy) and after checking in several times with our Ukranian neighbour lady, got to work.
They are hard work, too! We made about 4 dozen with potato, bacon, onion and garlic (yum!) ~ maybe not Ukranian traditional, more like university student traditional! We also made a dozen with potato, broccoli, mushroom and onions in order to sneak in some veggies.
We boiled some up to test them and didn't end up with (I forget the word, my neighbour told me, meaning 'piece of dough' ~ meaning they split open!) empty pockets in the end.
They may not look pretty, but the expert likes them and she had a ball washing all the veggies, playing in the bag of flour and rolling out dough.
And since Andy figured we should go big or go home, we have enough unused filling in the freezer for another 5 dozen!
Saturday, 12 January 2008
I have been collecting wool sweaters for about a year. They have been sitting in my office (very baffling to folks who drop in!) and I finally brought them home.
I was a little uncertain about what *exactly* I was going to do with them. I knew I wasn't going to get out my machine and make soakers or longies for diapering. Several months ago I made an attempt at a bunny toy and the results don't bear thinking about. Poor, poor bunny.
So I finally bit the bullet and felted the whole lot of them this week, figuring inspiration would find me eventually.
I have to say ~ if you ever need to cut loose, be a rebel, laugh in the face of authority... felt some sweaters! Seriously! If you are like me, you are always ultra careful with wool, having learned the hard way to launder it carefully (I think of a gorgeous Aran sweater from Ireland Rowan received at birth... I ruined it). But to felt sweaters? Open that machine, crank it to hot/cold and high agitation and have at it! Want to feel even more wickedly wild? Toss them in the dryer afterwards!
Yep, it was a rush! I 'ruined' a good dozen sweaters, a couple of them very high end brands, too. Some felted more than others. Some got a second run through the machines. A couple are like cardboard, but most are nicely felted and ready to work.
And inspiration found me.
I made two little finger puppets last night (and I am quite happy with the results). In fact, they were so much fine, I am going to make some more! And this is saying something since my standing rule is NO HAND STITCHING. But a refresher in the blanket and a few other stitches and the bad old sewing skills came back to me.
Meet Solo~ the Unhappy Bluebird and Uno the Lion.
Thursday, 10 January 2008

I have been neglecting Etsy a little lately and decided to put some new things up there tonight.
Here is a little peek!

I was really pleased with the low water immersion results on the 'Honey Bunny' and Rainbow dress ~ I am still wading into that technique and find the results even more unpredictable than tie dyeing BUT when they work, gorgeous! LWI is also more instantly gratifying as the process takes a few hours instead of the 24 hours plus I use for batching with the soda soak/ tie dye method.

Low Water Immersion is just that ~ low water. With soda soak tie dyeing you saturate the whole garment (or the areas you want dyed) with dye. With lwi you use very little liquid with a higher concentration of dye. You our this mixture over a tightly packed garment and let it soak in as much or little as you desire. How you apply it (top, bottom etc.) will affect the results and saturation. You let this sit undisturbed and then pour the soda solution over the garment. This causes the chemical reaction to begin and the dye to bond with the fabric (as opposed to tie dyeing where the reaction is immediate due to the pre-soak in soda ash). This then sits an hour (or more) and your rinse and wash as usual.

I always wash with synthrapol to stop the reaction and suspend the dye, and I always triple wash, finishing with a scent free detergent.

LWI creates the crackled, rippled effect pictured here on a variety of pieces.
Wednesday, 9 January 2008
Lazy Mama Designs has a sweet video of her little girl playing with a rainbow set of silkies. Take a peek around her blog, this is one UN-lazy woman!
Monday, 7 January 2008
OK, I didn't make any of these today, but I have been in a flurry of creativity this last week or so ~ finishing up all my custom work has helped, I have been free to create new items. So I thought I'd show off a couple of them. They are all debuting at Hyena Cart (BTRT or TOYS) in the next week or so.
Tonight I am having a dye party of one and dyeing up a bunch of long sleeved items to get them moving along~ it is winter here for 4 more months, but not everywhere!

Saturday, 5 January 2008
Rowan has been a pretty easy kid.
But she has been sick so much lately and this week is a wreck with cold and teething = no sleep.
So today was a continuous tantrum (very unusual for her). At supper time she was simply wandering around saying 'no' and crying. (Is it wrong that it made me giggle a little?) Around and around she went.
I made her potatoes. Yep, just potatoes, for supper, hand over the bad mother award, but I was desperate. She flipped out. they were too hot (she hadn't gone near them). So more of the "no" while standing in a corner of the kitchen and throwing letter magnets.
So I pick up the potatoes (they were in the tv room, with the tv on ~ if you knew me you would see how far I had strayed to allow this! LOL) and she freaks out. She wants juice.
Little do I realize she wants the juice WITH the potatoes. So I finally work this out.
She turns off the tears, happily jumps up on the couch, picks up the fork, takes a bite and WAILS.
"They are too COLD!"
Saints preserve me from two year olds.
Tuesday, 1 January 2008
Congrats to Courtney G. who chose the name 'Nipsy' for our careworn little neighbour.
Nipsy will be featured on some new tshirt designs in January.
There were lots of votes for Gnorman, which was a close second, but in the end, Nipsy was the right one.
You can find out more about Nipsy HERE.
Happy New Year!
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