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Sunday, 13 January 2008
Rowan LOVES pierogies. Unfortunately, with her food allergies, most prepared ones from the grocery store are ruled out, and our local grocer quit carrying the kind she *could* eat. And when I say 'loves pierogies' I mean it ~ this kid has been known to wolf down a dozen (more than most adults!) at once. Yikes.
So, we ventured into Eastern European cuisine.
We are Scots, with a little Pennsylvania Dutch for leavening.
We also had to make pierogies without egg or milk, which many recipes use.
We finally found a vegan recipe without soy (another allergy) and after checking in several times with our Ukranian neighbour lady, got to work.
They are hard work, too! We made about 4 dozen with potato, bacon, onion and garlic (yum!) ~ maybe not Ukranian traditional, more like university student traditional! We also made a dozen with potato, broccoli, mushroom and onions in order to sneak in some veggies.
We boiled some up to test them and didn't end up with (I forget the word, my neighbour told me, meaning 'piece of dough' ~ meaning they split open!) empty pockets in the end.
They may not look pretty, but the expert likes them and she had a ball washing all the veggies, playing in the bag of flour and rolling out dough.
And since Andy figured we should go big or go home, we have enough unused filling in the freezer for another 5 dozen!


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