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Friday, 25 January 2008
OK, on the whole potty books are kind of awkward. A little graphic, a lot goofy.
I mean books for potty learning, that is.

We have one here that is only enjoyable when Rowan presents it to a visitor who is not prepared for what is inside. We get a big kick out of watching adults reduced to embarrassed mush by 'wee wee' and 'poo poo' as they try to read to a rapt toddler.

Recently a friend recommended the book 'Everyone Poops' ~ if you have a potty learning toddler, or one as thoroughly obsessed with poop as we do, you have to get this book.

Oh, it will make you squeamish, especially the rhino illustration, but your child will love it! Basically, it reinforces the title.
Everyone poops.
With pictures!

And I have to say, it also opens up at least two mysteries... where a snake's bum is located and what whale poop looks like. Off to google!

Tonight, on her way to bed, Rowan really wanted to bring along this book~ and she declared "I want to read everybody poops in my bed". That, my friends, is a different book.

Edited to add: The cloaca is the anal vent of a snake, located just ahead of the tail, or that is, the tail follows after the cloaca. And HERE you will find images of blue whale feces (red from the crabs they ate, evidently~ doesn't that make you want to look?). It floats.


LoopyJ said...

A favorite potty book in our house is "Where's the poop" Complete with lift up flaps! LOL

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