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Saturday, 12 January 2008
I have been collecting wool sweaters for about a year. They have been sitting in my office (very baffling to folks who drop in!) and I finally brought them home.
I was a little uncertain about what *exactly* I was going to do with them. I knew I wasn't going to get out my machine and make soakers or longies for diapering. Several months ago I made an attempt at a bunny toy and the results don't bear thinking about. Poor, poor bunny.
So I finally bit the bullet and felted the whole lot of them this week, figuring inspiration would find me eventually.
I have to say ~ if you ever need to cut loose, be a rebel, laugh in the face of authority... felt some sweaters! Seriously! If you are like me, you are always ultra careful with wool, having learned the hard way to launder it carefully (I think of a gorgeous Aran sweater from Ireland Rowan received at birth... I ruined it). But to felt sweaters? Open that machine, crank it to hot/cold and high agitation and have at it! Want to feel even more wickedly wild? Toss them in the dryer afterwards!
Yep, it was a rush! I 'ruined' a good dozen sweaters, a couple of them very high end brands, too. Some felted more than others. Some got a second run through the machines. A couple are like cardboard, but most are nicely felted and ready to work.
And inspiration found me.
I made two little finger puppets last night (and I am quite happy with the results). In fact, they were so much fine, I am going to make some more! And this is saying something since my standing rule is NO HAND STITCHING. But a refresher in the blanket and a few other stitches and the bad old sewing skills came back to me.
Meet Solo~ the Unhappy Bluebird and Uno the Lion.


Anonymous said...

Those finger puppets are too cute! Great work. :)

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