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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 10 January 2008

I have been neglecting Etsy a little lately and decided to put some new things up there tonight.
Here is a little peek!

I was really pleased with the low water immersion results on the 'Honey Bunny' and Rainbow dress ~ I am still wading into that technique and find the results even more unpredictable than tie dyeing BUT when they work, gorgeous! LWI is also more instantly gratifying as the process takes a few hours instead of the 24 hours plus I use for batching with the soda soak/ tie dye method.

Low Water Immersion is just that ~ low water. With soda soak tie dyeing you saturate the whole garment (or the areas you want dyed) with dye. With lwi you use very little liquid with a higher concentration of dye. You our this mixture over a tightly packed garment and let it soak in as much or little as you desire. How you apply it (top, bottom etc.) will affect the results and saturation. You let this sit undisturbed and then pour the soda solution over the garment. This causes the chemical reaction to begin and the dye to bond with the fabric (as opposed to tie dyeing where the reaction is immediate due to the pre-soak in soda ash). This then sits an hour (or more) and your rinse and wash as usual.

I always wash with synthrapol to stop the reaction and suspend the dye, and I always triple wash, finishing with a scent free detergent.

LWI creates the crackled, rippled effect pictured here on a variety of pieces.


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