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Saturday, 5 January 2008
Rowan has been a pretty easy kid.
But she has been sick so much lately and this week is a wreck with cold and teething = no sleep.
So today was a continuous tantrum (very unusual for her). At supper time she was simply wandering around saying 'no' and crying. (Is it wrong that it made me giggle a little?) Around and around she went.
I made her potatoes. Yep, just potatoes, for supper, hand over the bad mother award, but I was desperate. She flipped out. they were too hot (she hadn't gone near them). So more of the "no" while standing in a corner of the kitchen and throwing letter magnets.
So I pick up the potatoes (they were in the tv room, with the tv on ~ if you knew me you would see how far I had strayed to allow this! LOL) and she freaks out. She wants juice.
Little do I realize she wants the juice WITH the potatoes. So I finally work this out.
She turns off the tears, happily jumps up on the couch, picks up the fork, takes a bite and WAILS.
"They are too COLD!"
Saints preserve me from two year olds.


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