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Friday, 1 February 2008
Rowan has a BIG imagination. So much so that sometimes I wish I could be in her head for a minute to see how she sees things~ if the four zebras living on the cottage porch next door, behind the fence are really 'there' for her. Or the mouse she has been carrying in her 'backpack' all day! ~ the backpack I forgot all about but she remembered to remove as she climbed into her chair at supper so as not to squish her mouse. Or the bluebird currently living in her pocket, in an egg, that she pulls out and I swear she *sees* it on her hand~ yellow 'hair', blue feet and all.

She has many elaborate stories that live and grow with each new experience. The moon that likes to have a dance party, barefoot, with the stars when he manages to get out of bed on time. When he sleeps in, we need to climb a tall tree and poke him and say 'wake up crazy old moon!'. And in the morning, when he lingers over his breakfast of pancakes and toast, he needs to be encouraged to go back to bed.

I don't remember what that was like, to slip without disruption between the real and the imaginary, for the imaginary to be as real, even more so , than the 'real'. But I know our house is people (animaled?) with creatures, large and small (giant mice, tiny rhinos) that delight my daughter and join in her play, more readily, I am sure, than the grown ups sometimes. That watch over her as surely as the 'crazy old moon'.

I am just grateful that she is generous enough to bring me in and show me around. To feed me her gummy bears in milk from an invisible saucer while we giggle at the antics of the lion peeking out from behind the tree in our yard.


amy said...

This makes me smile. I absolutely love and appreciate the imagination of children. It takes us all back...

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy :)

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