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Tuesday, 19 February 2008
Rowan officially has 'big eyes' ~ I say officially because we saw the Optometrist this winter and the poor fellow couldn't get out three sentences without commenting on the size of her eyes! By the time I left the office I thought I must be missing something, I mean, I know Rowan has big eyes, but to hear this guy tell it she must be a real freak and I was just a blind mother, missing the obvious. Thankfully her eyes are not dry, scratched, or otherwise in peril because of their incredible bigness. This guy was a little over the top, methinks.

She does have beautiful eyes, and yes I am seeing her with a mother's eyes, I may be biased. It is the one thing people always comment on when they meet her. She has inherited both the deep brown of her daddy's eyes and the eyelashes. Oh! The eyelashes. Women pay for lashes like this and in the genetic lottery almost never get them naturally!

All of this (this post) was brought on by observing Rowan's lashes this afternoon while they were wet with tears from a finger pinching incident. They really are indecently long!

Ok, I am done with my self-indulgent mother posting for tonight! The scratches on Ro's face are another story altogether (think : When Toddlers Attack).


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