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Tuesday, 5 February 2008
I would like to introduce you to Jen. Fellow Canadian, hardworking mama with a gorgeous
toddler (Avari), a business (Esteem Kids), a passion for wool and some excellent recipes!

Jen is the creator of Esteem Kids, a business founded to offer alternative and chic baby products to her local community and the wider online market. A much needed alternative for Canadian shoppers, which of course, is open to shoppers worldwide. Esteem Kids grew out of Jen’s desire to stay home with Avari and contribute to the family finances (and her own love of shopping for her daughter!).

At age 28, Jen has wide ranging interests including photography, sewing, knitting and crochet. She has just discovered (and become hooked) on spinning. She hopes to venture into the crafting
WAHM world on Hyena cart as soon as she can pick a favourite passion~ but you’ll see from Jen’s blog and web presence she does many things very well!

While there is no contest that Jen’s daughter Avari is her favourite creation, when asked to limit
the answer to crafting she is pretty jazzed about the wool she has been spinning. On the other hand, she hopes she never has to make another chocolate cake from scratch! She also notes that she needs to restrain herself when it comes to sharing her love of wool ~ not everyone ‘gets’ wool longies and she finds it so sad to see a perfectly good pair of wool pants being worn on a doll instead of a kid! I am sure we could find some eager recipients around here!

Noting that Jen has some yummy looking meals in her blog, I asked her to share her favourite weeknight meal for the family: “My favourite meal to make is slicing an acorn squash in half and baking it, meanwhile fry some ground beef with whatever spices you love- after the squash has baked for about 45 minutes, stuff it with the beef, top with goat feta, bake for another 10 minutes and serve! yum”.

Jen is a sweet, enthusiastic and talented woman! Please be sure to check out her website and blog and keep an eye out for Esteem Kids at Hyena Cart and the headlines about Powell River, BC being the home of the world’s largest longies or some such feat of wool prowess and skill!


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