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Saturday, 16 February 2008
I’d like to introduce you to a very talented and interesting WAHM: Nita of Hot Salad (isn’t that a
great name?). Nita also stocks with the Inspired congo at Hyena Cart and is involved in the re-
launching of Unique (very soon!)~ a very special congo providing handmade items specially
designed for children with special needs. Unique also has attached support forums for families.

Nita began sewing for friends and families, and when the opportunity arose about a year and a
half ago to join Diva Designs (now Inspired) she jumped at the chance and hasn’t looked back!

Inspired by the season of fall in particular, Nita is really enjoying playing with the concept and
style of hooded dresses~ and her dresses are gorgeous! I need these for Rowan! Taking a look at her Flickr gallery reveals a range of beautiful work:
soft baby shoes, dresses, twirly skirts, soakers, pants and other goodies for babies and children.

Like most WAHMs Nita always has busy hands and along with developing her sewing skills to
more advanced levels, she is a novice knitter and is really enjoying her new work with the drop
spindle for spinning.

And like most WAHMs Nita is also rasing a family with these busy hands! Married to Todd
(whom she has known since she was 13!) for 8 years, they are the parents of 4 children ages 1-14
with abilities ranging from typical to very different. The family keeps track of their RV’ing
adventures at this blog, while Nita also keeps a blog here and here.

After a number of years working in institutional settings with adults with developmental
disabilities and ‘medically fragile’ seniors, Nita, whose personality does not lend her to
institutional approaches, is so grateful to be a mother and able to work at home.

Please take some time to explore her beautiful and creative work!
Hot Salad: children’s clothing, accessories and a few things for mom.
Inspired: exclusive diapering items and more.
Unique: Special items for special needs~ ‘grown child’ size bed pads in kid friendly products,
fun and funky eye patches, and a new line of simple clothing (self-designed).

You can also see more of Nita’s finished work in her Gallery.


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