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Wednesday, 27 February 2008
My latest feature is Laine’s Magnifique, owned and operated by Nicole~ the place to find high quality hand dyed, hand painted yarns, knits and embellished tshirts. I feel connected to
Nicole in that we are ‘neighbours’ as far as WAHMs go, both being in Ontario, and I have enjoyed working with her most recently on an upcoming collaboration.

Nicole is married to Richard, her high school sweetheart (aww!) and is the mother of two sweet
children: Ryan, turning five and Sarah (16 months). She used to work with hard to serve youth as a Child and Youth Worker, but after the birth of her daughter she decided to make a go of
being a stay at home mom. She reduced her workload to part time and started up her home based business. During this time Nicole also complete her B.A ~ way to go!

When Nicole was first introduced to cloth diapering, she realized she could use her knitting skills (since age 11!) to make wool covers for Sarah. This lead her down the slippery slope of just wanting to try hand painting yarn (I know the slope well, sub in clothing for yarn)... and the rest is history! She is now the busy hands behind her blossoming business and many gorgeous painted yarns and happy fiber fiends!

Nicole is inspired by her children ~ she says they inspire colour into her work (and then she wonders if that sounds silly ~ not to any mother I know!). She is also inspired by nature and trips to her parents’ cottage (my neck of the woods!) Send her home with bright visions for yarns such as Autumn Sunset and Tree Tops.

When asked what she enjoys most about her chosen business, Nicole says that her heart is warmed by happy customers~ hearing their joy in working with the yarns, seeing their finished
products. What she likes least is the reskeining of the yarn ~ a tedious job, but a needful one. It seems despite her best efforts, she can’t find any willing volunteers to do it for her!

Like most WAHMs (work at home moms) Nicole is always striving to improve her skills and add new ones. She wants to learn to hand spin fiber, which would be a perfect fit for her
business, and also how to sew, mostly so she can create for her kids.

Please be sure to check out Nicole’s work!
Hyena Cart

As always it has been a pleasure getting to know more about the mama behind the work!


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