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Thursday, 14 February 2008
Well, if your child is tantruming, I mean!

"Cry for Connection: A Fresh Approach to Tantrums"
(Mothering Magazine)

We practice 'Unconditional Parenting' which falls in the category of gentle discipline. We don't use punishments or rewards (which manipulate a child's behaviour with things like love withdrawl, conditional approval etc. which involve 'doin to' a child)~ rather we try to work with our child to reach our common goals. Sounds wild, huh? It is kind of crunchy! We love it! But we are also just coming up against our first real behavioural challenges of any might ~ the 2.5 year old temper tantrum~ and struggling with how to manage while keeping our broader parenting goals in mind and respecting our daughter's emotional state.

This article really helped me shift my thinking from tantrums being something to stop/ avoid to something needful as part of Rowan's experience and our parenting. I was in tears reading it, because it is where I want to be. We already stay with her and talk about the feelings, but I know the panic in my gut to stop/ avert/ avoid the tantrum has got to go. I can honestly say we have never just 'allowed' a tantrum to rage through to the other side.

I am sure we will get a chance later today! I'll check back in.


~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Great article. I actually have that one bookmarked, and read it often. It's hard... very hard. And I'm CONSTANTLY working, striving, to be more and more of that kind of parent. Here's wishing us the best of luck to not only survive toddlerhood, but embrace and love it! :-)

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