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Monday, 11 February 2008
Today, I dyed.
Yes, dyeing puns never get old.
They just never, ever... dye!

I tend to do do my dyeing in bunches~ dyeing uses a lot of water, and dyeing in large bunches also allows me to make the most of each batch of dye I mix. I have to order my dyes from the US and between customs and taxes, waiting on shipments (customs always seems to get suspicious and open my dye chemicals! I suppose something nefarious could be done with Bubblegum Pink or Cayman Island Green when mixed with urea and soda ash... like a really pretty shirt...) it is a pain in the neck. So I treat my dyes like powdered gold.

This means that when I have a batch mixed up, I am determined to use every last precious drop. So I pile up the planned projects, orders for customs and new pieces, too. I work through them, but inevitably I have a bit of this and that leftover. That is when bad things happen (but not as bad as what happened the first time I saved dyes and tried to use them a day later, yikes!).

Unplanned, heedless of color theory... I start grabbing white cotton stuff. Socks, blankets, tights, bandanas... Never thinking that the wonky pieces I create while doing this probably cost me more than the few leftover tablespoons of dye. It is a compulsion. I admit it.

But every once in a while it works (the two items pictured are spur of the moment, use up he end of the dye receiving blankets). Of course, then I can't repeat the effect!

ETA: A picture of my hand... I wore gloves this time, but this is what my hands look like when I am done! Only this time the gloves only leaked red and brown. Nothing pretty like the day I had a sunrise thumb!


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