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Monday, 17 March 2008
Welcome to the first True Colors Dyer’s Charity Challenge!

To be hosted at Hyena Cart.

This is a non-competitive event, intended to showcase the many and incredible ways three simple colours can be creatively presented when in the hands of an artist. Crafters working in various fibers and materials are working to create unique pieces based on the colorway (group of three colors) chosen by the users of the Hyena Cart Forum. That means every pair of hands will work with the same three colors to produce something amazing! After all, that is the wonderful thing about color~ the possibilities are endless.

And to show their ‘true colors’ every participant’s item will be listed for auction, beginning June 18th - June 22nd. Each participant will choose a charity and the complete sale price of each item will be donated to that charity by the seller.

To Participate:
~The True Colors Dyer’s Charity Challenge is open to all dyers.
~You may submit only ONE item.
~It must be ready to ship, no customs, please.
~Yarn dyers~ you may refer buyers to your own shop for knitting/crochet service, but this listing must be only for the yarn.
~Your submitted item must represent the chosen colorway and must be dyed by you.
~There is some leeway for inclusion of non-dyed materials with your dyed work, but the heart of the project must be your dyed work.
~All materials are welcome: silk, wool, cotton, bamboo... and in any form~ diapers, mama cloth, clothing, toys etc.
~You do not need to have a Hyena Cart shop, but you must have positive (100%) feedback at either Etsy, Diaperswappers or eBay (and provide links). Once you have notified the organizer of your intent to participate, you will receive confirmation of your acceptance, pending your credentials.
~You will be responsible for shipping your item to its buyer AND for donating the entire sale price to your chosen charity. This is on your honour.
~There is no cost to participate. Please respect the organizer’s time and carefully prepare your submission to the specifications below. Improper submissions will be returned and inclusion will then depend on time.

The colorway will be announced before/ by Sunday, April 13th. Previews for the auctions will begin June 15th. Items will go live on June 18 until June 22.

Your Submission:
You must make your submission no later than June 1st to be included.
~Your 4 (four) item photos MUST be resized to 500px (square is preferred, but not required), and ready to list. The organizer is not responsible for editing photos or resizing. Also include 1 (one) thumbnail photo (150 px square), in addition to the 4 listings pictures (be sure to include close up and front/ back etc.).
You must also include:
~your product description and shipping info in HTML code (use a WYSIWYG editor if need be)
~your paypal address
~a link to your main shop or site (so folks can connect to your other work, about me etc.)
~a description and web address and/or phone number for your chosen charity.
~your starting price for your item (all items will be auctioned)

Please contact Lori at to join in the challenge and the fun! Please include your e-mail address, shop or gallery of work and name in the post.


woolies said...

I'm still a newbie dyer, but this looks like fun!

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