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Thursday, 13 March 2008
What's not to love about a woman who names her businesses Painted Patootie and Fishnoodles?! I am a fan of Dawn's work, always impressed by her concise, creative and colorful designs. Even before I began my own business, Dawn's work caught my eye!

Dawn is the owner of the two businesses named above. One (PP) is hand sewn and embellished diapering, while the second is a spinoff featuring Dawn's designs on tees for babies and kids ~ hand painted or iron on patches. You can find Dawn's work in stock at Hyena Cart and Etsy. And you can view her gallery and enjoy her blog, too, to get a better sense of the variety and quality of her work.

Dawn's original artwork is inspired by the world around her, her own childhood memories and her husband's sense of humour (I wonder if she has better luck than I do when I follow my husband's sense of humour into a design?!). Dawn is inspiring to me because she continually works at new techniques and designs, striving to improve and expand. She says she loves this aspect of business, but doesn't enjoy the bookwork! She is always looking for new techniques and ideas.

When asked to share something unusual about herself, Dawn notes that she has not one, but two master's degrees in two different fields and is not really using either one!

Be sure to follow the links to see Dawn's art! I have posted pictures of a couple of my favourites from her shops.


Unknown said...

what a nice feature! she has great pieces!

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