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Friday, 14 March 2008
Much to Briar's chagrin.
This is Briar:
So, this might actually qualify as torture, if dogs were covered by the Geneva Convention. Don't tell the SPCA.
Because this is George:
And this is Gracie:A pair of young mated canaries (and here I thought they were all yellow!) we brought home today ~ I went to the pet supply shop looking for catnip for a project and found these guys instead. Given that I am a terrible dog snob and a bigger snob about pet shops (being a dog snob and all), you can see how deeply I fell in love with these little sweethearts. Oh, and I am afraid of flappy flying things, too.
George and Gracie feel right at home and Rowan is thrilled. When I got home I had her help me set up the cage and all the accessories, the whole time, fielding her speculations about the nature of what a bird would and wouldn't do with the items with vague acknowledgement that she was probably right, too bad we didn't have a bird, huh?
When we were all set up, we stood back and she sighed "Maybe a bird will walk into our house and come to our new bird feeder and live here".
I love that she is just old enough and still young enough for these kind of surprises.
When I opened the box with the first bird into the cage she was so delighted. We watched them until bedtime and she kept retelling me, with wonder, how the bird just 'popped right out of the box!'.
So. George and Gracie are part of the family now. We actually don't know which one is really the George~ apparently they have to sing or lay an egg (and we'd have to witness this) to determine which is the male and which is the female, and given that it is possible that neither of these things will happen, we just made the prissy, dainty, pushy one the male and the broody, sweet, happy one the female. Sounds about right?!


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