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Thursday, 6 March 2008
Rowan asked me to put a picture of pup on the "'puter". I needed to blog. Perfect!

Puppy is Rowan's lovey. After a series of unsuccessful attachment attempts on our part, Rowan chose Puppy to be her best pal at the age of 14 months (pictured at left). She was very sick and the puppy was a new stuffie in the house and they found one another and have gotten closer by the day!

For a long time we managed to contain Puppy in the bedroom~ he was for naps and bedtime and since he watched over Rowan all night, she was content to let him sleep all day. Aside from some special outings ~he accompanied Rowan through several medical tests last spring (EEG, MRI) and has proven himself to be a loyal and calming companion~ Puppy has been a homebody.

In recent months, however, Puppy has begun to travel out more, accompanying Rowan through her day and out and about in the community. Rowan often refers to herself in the third person as 'Puppy's Mom' and lovingly cares for all his puppy needs.

Much imaginative play centers around Puppy and his amazing abilities to be whatever and whoever he needs to be at any given moment. Aside from his very rare trips through the laundry (should be more often, but he shrinks a little every time, his stuffing compacts a little more! It was embarrassing to go to the allergist and trail along this real dog hair covered, matted dust mite trap!) he is usually within arm's reach.

In a rare burst of foresight, when Puppy was young, I pursued and purchased a second Puppy, a back-up, identical to the original. This second pup is still safely stowed in the closet, and I hope he stays there. After all, if Puppy went missing, there is no way Rowan is going to buy that this shiny, clean, twice-the-size lookalike is *her* puppy, nor should she.

Puppy is that one-of-a-kind confidant and best friend. Rowan's lovey and security blanket. A member of our family. That matted little face snuggles up to the sweet cheek of our daughter each night as she sleeps. He is the keeper of her dreams and the companion of her play.

I just really hope her new name for him~ 'Donna Beth'~ is a passing phase because we love our Pup (currently doing the splits at the park in the next room) and always smile when Rowan is asked 'What's your puppy's name' and she responds, matter-of-factly, "Puppy".


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