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Sunday, 23 March 2008
Me too! No, wait, that is Andy's job. How sweet is that?
OK, so getting your husband to do it is one way out of it.
But there is a more attainable way!

We used to make our own soap but got away from it. In recent months we have gone back to using handmade soaps and we are loving it!
I thought I'd share some of our finds, as we have some 'special needs' when it comes to bath products!

It took us a while and quite a few trials to find soap we really like from a seller with shipping that didn't break the bank when sending to or within Canada.
Something good for sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema.
Something nicely scented, but NO florals (me) and not overpowering (try to be scent free when we leave the house). Something that is good for the skin types above, soft and moisturizing, but hard enough to last a while.
That is a lot of expectations for a bar of soap!

We have found some real winners, and some great products for Rowan too (and her eczema prone skin).
For myself I am deeply in love with Blue House Soaps. Melissa is professional, ships super fast and has great stuff! I love her Honey Almond essential oils scent and we have ordered (and reordered, or will!) soap, body sugar (the honey almond is good enough to eat!), Crunchy Mama All in One, hair detangler and Gentle Bath Wash (orange for Rowan, yum!) and we also love our Extreme Cream in Bananarama (although it is missing, thanks to a little someone). We use it ourselves and have given many of BHS's products as gifts, too (all the soaps come packaged in pretty fabric!). Nice chunky natural soaps, no artificial colours or ingredients and very creative scents (like Caesar!).

We also recently discovered True Vine Soaps. Attractive, generous soap bars with gorgeous marbling and luscious scents. Andy has some Cedar and Coriander and I am nuts about the Anise and Lavender (especially since the lavender in this does not bother my allergies). Like BHS, nice hard bars that last, but lather and moisturize.

Tory at Frost Fish Cove Soaps has the prettiest soap I have ever seen! Perfect for gifts and so many natural choices. Everything she makes in Vanilla Lavender smells delicious (though it makes me sneeze a little) and her Supernatural Lotion is fabulous for eczema (my hands, Rowan's face).

Natural Madison is the place to go for incredibly creative soaps, especially for the little ones! The Goldfish in a Bag soap was a hit at Christmas and she has amazing desert soaps and even popcorn!

And we must give an honorable mention to Clear Hills Honey and their new, all natural bath crayons. VERY cool! They write on tub and skin (great for kid tattoos) and wash right of with the included sponge ~ turning to a nice moisturizing lather.

What good is all this yummy soap if you wash it right down the drain? We recommend a crocheted cotton soap saver from Jessica at Crochet Funtime! Fun colors and themes and great for conserving soap or using up bits and pieces.

Oh~ and all this to say... if you are sick of scrubbing the tub, go natural! No more gunky bathtub and icky residue. Like your skin, your tub will be clean!


Rosebud Collection said...

All of the soaps sound wonderful..I love the crochet soap bags..Good job on the blog.

admin said...

Beautiful products..I love the colors!

idyll hands said...

Hey - thanks for the reviews on these soap shops. I've become addicted to handmade soaps this year and have purchased some winners and some not so great ones, so this is very helpful in future purchases.

Jezabels Jewels said...

oh, all these soaps look dangerously good...hmmm ;P

High Desert Diva said...

Never has made sense to me that tubs/showers get dirty. You'd think with all that soap and water, they'd forever be sparkling clean.

Nice review of different soaps...thanks!

Anonymous said...

What cute soaps - I also love the soap saver.

I also agree with high desert diva about tubs and showers getting dirty, although I've never thought about that before!

Unknown said...

Yep, it kind of skeeves me out to think what all those soaps do on our skin if they make the tub that way (and worse, make us think it is our dirt making the tub dirty!) LOL
Thanks for checking it out!

Unknown said...

HI Lori. How flattering to be mentioned with the very talented soapmakers in your blog. As a true soap addict, I have purchased from several stores listed here! Thanks for the review. Did I mention that I love my Canadian customers? ; )

Jessica said...

I am totally flattered to be included also!
I've purchased from every soap maker you mentioned with the exception of True Vine, but I'm heading that way too!
I recently had a FFCS bar in a soap saver go TOTALLY soft in the shower...but did I lose the soap? Heck no! Not one bit!

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