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Tuesday, 1 April 2008
I just love that feeling when you follow a hunch, a thread of an idea and allow it to play itself out in your hands. When it all comes together and whichever way you turn it under your self-critical lens you are happy with the execution of that whisper of an idea.
I recently had that experience with a new project. While my needle skills have room for improvement, the idea itself just feels right in this incarnation.
Meet the Counting Fishies (for lack of a better name, suggestions welcome).
I like toys that are:
a) natural
b) multi purpose
c) open ended and child lead and
d) multi age (grow with your child)
And the Counting Fishies fit the bill.
They are needle felted and sturdy enough for toddler play.
All natural (100% wool) and have endless possibilities!
Learning colours, learning numerals, counting amounts, pairing numerals with their amounts, simple math (ie pink fish + blue fish = orange fish PLEASE don't check my math!), imaginative play, active games, props for songs and finger plays, textures... and they come with their own all natural (silk) accessories (pouch and Fairy Silkie(tm)) making them easy to tote for quiet times, the car and so on.
They are suitable for kids from 2 - school age (felt is a concern for little ones who chew their toys, I wouldn't want them to get a mouth full of fiber as it could be a choking hazard~ yes I am a freaky safety mom). Everything is hand dyed with food grade dyes and non-toxic.
I can certainly see things I want to improve upon (and welcome ideas, too~ creative bliss doesn't mean finality to me!), but on the whole I feel pretty blissed out creatively about these little guys!
You can see the complete description/ listing here.


woolies said...

fabulous fish - what a great idea!!

Smarty Pants said...

Great idea, keep em' coming!

Jeni said...

Love the fish! They're adorable and so appealing! (I have to warn you, though, that in my house they'd end up in a toy frying pan on a toy stove!)

Unknown said...

LOL Hey, I understand, my kid is the one who wants a penguin burger!

Ashley said...

I can't help but think Suess. "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!"

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