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Thursday, 10 April 2008
I'd like you to meet a fellow Canadian~ one I feel connected to because we have pretty much traded places on the map of Canada! Gen is the busy mom behind The Cloth Canoe.
I have also had the pleasure of working with Genvieve on a collaboration and she is a real gem.

What is The Cloth Canoe (very evocative name, isn't it?)? ~ it is a home based business featuring fantastic and lovely natural products for diapering (4 styles of diapers, organic materials) and moms (menstrual cloth, family wipes)~ the name stems from the family's Acadian heritage. You can read more about this here. And see some gorgeous photos, too! Also be sure to snoop around her shop and read up about what makes her cloth diapers so special!

Gen is driven by her desire to provide long lasting, quality items that mothers will love for their little ones and themselves. She is very personable and enjoys chatting with her customers and making items for them from her own patterns. Doing advocacy work for natural living, babywearing and cloth is also a passion. Like most moms, she struggles with balance, limited time for her work and self-care.

's work all looks so touchable and soft. She has a great eye for colour and texture and she would love to apply these skills to patterning children's clothing at some point. For now she continues to develop diapers you'd almost hate to have used they are so pretty!

Please take a moment to visit Gen's shop and see her gallery of work. You can also check out her blog for many more amazing items and details!


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